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Two years ago, it seemed like all that remained of Glenwood Gymnastics Academy was a pile of rubble where the new Glenwood Springs High School was to be built. By eminent domain, the Roaring Fork School District had taken the building that had housed the gym for over twenty years.

There weren’t many kids growing up in Glenwood Springs in the ’80s and ’90s who didn’t at one time take a tumbling class under owner and coach Rob Jones.

Unable to find a suitable replacement facility with Glenwood’s escalating property values, Glenwood Gymnastics Academy became a mobile program working out of schools and churches, but the competitive program died out. My daughter Corey, 12 at the time, was heartbroken. The gym had been a second home to her since toddler-hood, and she had advanced to U.S.A.G. level 7 under Rob’s direction.

Although another gymnastics facility opened, their coaching style went against Corey’s fun-loving, adventurous style. She is extremely loyal to Rob. Her gymnastics training stagnated for a year. She would wake up in tears after having a dream about gymnastics.

In December of 2006, Gypsum opened a new recreation center with a full gymnastics facility. Jones was hired to direct and coach the gymnastics program. I’ve been taking Corey there for over a year, but with no public transportation, I have to take off work to get her there. She’s the only Level 8 gymnast at the gym.

After a year of getting back into shape, Corey competed in her first meet in nearly three years in Fort Collins yesterday. She was the only girl on the team. She didn’t take home any first-place ribbons, but the pride on her and Rob’s faces when she landed a difficult vault was worth more than any trophy.

Rob is putting together an E.A.G.L.E.S. team at the Gypsum gym and is calling them the Gypsum Phoenix to signify rebirth. It’s been a difficult couple of years for him, but he and Corey are rising from the ashes.

Ginny Gera

Glenwood Springs

This letter is in response to Steve Ryan’s letter concerning the dismissal of Mike Cox from his coaching and maintenance position at Coal Ridge High School. Why is it not a matter of public record all the details concerning his termination? Was it not a public school that he coached and worked at? Weren’t his salary, as well as the salaries of Mr. Schmitz and Ms. Humble paid for by our tax dollars? Shouldn’t everyone have access to all the facts, including the student’s conduct records?

Without all the facts, how can a fair and unbiased decision be made? We had planned to attend the board meeting slated to hear this matter, unfortunately we were unable to attend.

The day of the school board meeting, our youngest child, a third-grader, was bullied on the bus, and was upset when he got home from school. Unfortunately, we’ve never been able to get information on how this situation was dealt with. We were informed they were not allowed to disclose the punishment of the ninth grader involved. Why? Don’t we have a right to know since our child was involved?

We have quite a lot of questions concerning both incidents. Unfortunately, no one from the district office has called me back.

We believe that Coach Cox was dealt with inappropriately. But without all the facts, we cannot be sure.

We would like to know what is going on in the Re-2 school district. Since when is it not our business how things are dealt with at our public schools?

We hope all the concerned parents in this district start asking questions, for Coach Cox’s sake, and most of all for our children’s sake. We have the right to get answers.

Eileen Tinker and Don Cummings,


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