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This is a thank you note with condolences to Mildred Baumli, regarding her Nov. 12, 2009 letter addressed to me.

First, thanks for setting the record straight on the deficiency of Reagan’s presidency versus the success of Obama’s 10 months in office. But, how do billions compare to trillions?

I am not sure what you mean by “you Republicans” since I have never disclosed any political affiliation, other than to affirm my conservative Christian values, to stand up for liberty vs. tyranny, to support our troops in times of war, and to defend our fundamental rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Admittedly, none of my beliefs put me anywhere near Obama’s “statist” doctrine to which you apparently subscribe.

I’m not sure what you meant by “This president has done more for the people.” Sorry, but it is more like what he has done “to” the people – such as destroying the housing market, federalizing General Motors, hopelessly indebting our future generations, and creating record high 10 percent unemployment. His “earning” a continuing-to-rise disapproval rating of 53 percent up from 29 percent in the last “10 months” is hardly evidence of achievement.

Incidentally, expressing opinions is called freedom of speech, not griping, and has nothing to do with what rope is used for hanging.

My expression for “condolences” is simply directed to all those who voted for this man and now, as he continues to destroy our country, are deeply regretting it!

God bless America!

Richard Doran


Why are gas prices lower in Glenwood than Rifle?

Why are alcohol and cigarettes legal when they cause so many deaths and problems and yet you have to register to legally smoke marijuana?

Why would we trust the government with our health care when everything else they touch seems to be a money pit?

Why do we bail out the large corporations, when it was their greed that got them in trouble?

Why have our government and business leaders gotten so corrupt they have lost touch with reality?

Why does a large percentage of our population want to keep God out of everything?

Why? Why? Why?

Joe Theisen


A recent edition of this newspaper contained six advertisements touting marijuana clinics in the area and, aside from the classified ads, not a single real estate ad. Are we getting a peek into the future?


Gaylord T. Guenin

Woody Creek

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