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I’m writing in response to Mr. Doran’s Nov. 22 letter, “Mr. President, how can you justify this decision?” in which he questions why Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be tried in an American court in the place where the crime, 9/11, occurred. Specifically, he asks, “Is this barbaric war criminal, who personally orchestrated the World Trade Center ‘Muslim massacre,’ entitled to a civilian trial with all the rights and privileges of an American citizen?” According to the Bill of Rights, yes.

Princeton law school defines a war criminal as, “… an offender who violates international law during times of war.” Well, that eliminates him. War has yet to be declared; Mr. Mohammed was not a member of any nation’s armed forces or an official in any government, and he did not act on the orders of any nation or government.

His orders, support and companions in destruction came from another civilian and accused criminal, bin Laden, who is evading arrest in his own and host countries. Like Timothy McVeigh, he is a civilian who committed mass murder and arson; no better, no worse. Trying him before a military court or tribunal elevates his status and accords him recognition in a way he does not deserve – that of a person serving their country.

The foundations of American justice are not so weak that we can’t tell the truth about this social deviant in our courtrooms. We handle lots of creeps – we can handle this guy, too.

We believe in the rule of law in this nation. This decision upholds the letter and the spirit of the Sixth Amendment, which says nothing about the citizenship of the accused. Trying him in a civilian court restores the equilibrium of a nation that got so angry that its people forgot that “… ALL men are created equal …”

Becky Penn

Glenwood Springs

The Garfield County Planning Commission Public Hearing process is flawed, and very unfair in my opinion, and needs serious and immediate revision.

Restricting public comment to only three minutes per individual, closing the public comment period and not allowing the public to respond to further questioning of the applicant by the commissioners, or allowing the public to respond to incomplete and misleading responses by the applicant is not what any reasonable person would consider a fair and democratic process.

Also, potential conflicts of interest that are raised regarding commissioners should not be lightly dismissed.

I hope the rules and regulations governing the Planning Commission Public Hearings can and will be amended to provide a more equitable and balanced process for all interested parties.

Ron Galterio

Battlement Mesa

Sully’s Small Engine is closing it’s doors. We would like to thank all of or customers for all the fun they brought to our door. Whether it was a broken mower or just a simple tune up, we were glad to help. The reason we are closing is the economy.

We started out a little late to weather this storm, but we hope it will end soon. We would really like to thank Dick and Judy at the Action Shop for all their help and advice on running a business like this. Also, a hats off to Fran and Jeff at Roaring Fork Rental for their help this year. We personally recommend both shops to all our customers. In closing, Jackie and Dan say thanks and happy holidays.

Dan Sullivan

Glenwood Springs

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