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To the town of Carbondale: When is there ever going to be enough affordable housing?

If you want more affordable housing, then why not use the Market Place? You are never going to put any shopping in there, and you are never going to let anyone develop it. Why do you insist that we need a bunch of Cracker Boxes at the old Middle School Field? Do all of these couples that are in such dire need of affordable housing want a house or just a crackerbox? It was not bad enough that you wanted to put 90 units — that’s not sustainable – on that little bit of ground, but now we have to have more in order for it to be affordable. You may go ahead and build them, you may fill them up, but when it comes down to if they can afford to buy gas, groceries and utilities, are you going to give them more money to pay for that? Everyone who is lucky enough to have a job in this Valley may not have it by the time this mess is built.

Do any of you read the newspapers? Do you see the pages and pages of people that can’t afford their property taxes, and they are going up next year – thanks to your governor. You know you can only squeeze so much tax money out of people.

Seniors are going to struggle to stay in their own homes. The town continues to spend money it doesn’t have.

The School District needs to stay out of the housing business – you need to focus on Education.

I am so sick and tired of hearing about affordable housing from the town of Carbondale I could just scream.

You apparently just want all these high rise buildings, and half of what has been built here for housing and businesses is empty. Have you looked around at the shopping centers here in town, a lot of the buildings are empty, especially the Sopris Shopping Center. It’s expensive to live here and it’s not getting any better.

When you get through putting up high rises, just consider that you are building housing that shows the character of Carbondale.

I pity the poor people that will be affected by the dirt hauling for the construction. Will this affect any of the Town Council and the School Board Members? I doubt it.

Just my opinion, and hopefully a lot of others feel the same in Carbondale.

Jane Spaulding


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