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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

This is in response to Mr. Garot’s letter regarding drill here and drill now. More drilling will only line the pockets of energy companies that have ripped off the American public for so many years. In Colorado, as in other states, gas drilling uses too much of our precious water supplies and will allow these companies to dump more toxic chemicals below the surface to contaminate what water that we will have remaining.

Let’s not line the pockets of these same energy companies with more billion dollar profits so they can go overseas and destroy more eco-systems and rain forests, not to mention ours. These are the same companies that contributed to further impacts of the Katrina disaster. These are the same companies that want to make the American dollar weaker for their global economy investments and interests.

The current surge in solar power and technology is now moving us closer to the truly desired energy independence that this country needs. The United States is behind many European countries in renewable energy development. Why do you think this is? One guess – the oil and gas lobby!

We need to press forward and make renewable energy developments work in this country right now. Otherwise, we will remain in the same old trick bag with the fossil fuel energy giants. Who sold us the four and five dollar per gallon gasoline? Who has the $40 billion dollar profits each year? I don’t see the oil and gas companies giving back to the American people. You don’t see them helping us out of one of the biggest recessions ever. They would rather protect their stock portfolio than help the American people.

In many places in this country right now, including Colorado, the air that we breathe and the water that we drink is being polluted by oil and gas operations. Let’s invest in clean green renewable energy now, so we can have clean healthy lives now and for our future generations. Our health and safety are at stake right now. Where do you want to put your money?

Randy Fricke

New Castle

Just my opinion but I think all the articles and attention being directed at this couple (White House Party crashers) is a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

Whatever their reasons, pathetic as they may be (ego, publicity, etc.) the real story line, as well as deep concern, is how can any non-authorized person make it through our Secret Service and get into the White House let alone get near the President of the United States and a visiting head of state?? Heads should be rolling!!

The only thing more disappointing than our ongoing security failures is how lame the media has become in reporting the real issues. When is the media going to drop the “tabloid” mentality and get back to investigating and reporting?

Ed Rosenberg

Glenwood Springs

The Post Independent receives letters from time to time that make reference to Garfield County and the Board of County Commissioners approving or being in charge of approving natural gas drilling permits.

The county does not approve permits. This process is handled at the state level and the county does not have any authority on which permits are approved.

The county does have some review power when it comes to off-site impacts such as air quality, water quality, noise and effects on roads, but the approval process for natural gas drilling permits is not determined at the county level.

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