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In regarding Mildred Baumli’s letter to the editor on Nov.12, 2009. Please explain to me, and most of the general public, how Obama has “done more for the people in his 10 months of office then Bush did his whole term?”

Since Obama has taken office, he has taken 31 “trips” to other countries, not including his bid to try and get the Olympics in Chicago.

You use to always talk of Bush’s use of Air Force One. Guess it doesn’t bother you with Obama using Air Force One, since he has “done so much for this country.”

Who I feel sorry for is my great great grandchildren who will inherit this debt as Obama spends trillions upon trillions like a drunken sailor.

Yes Mr. Doran, I too give my condolences as you do to Ms. Baumli. She has her blinders on and Obama can do no wrong in her eyes.

God bless America! We’re going to need it for the next thirty-seven months!

Sonya L. Doyal


I strongly urge Glenwood City Council to support Access Roaring Fork’s after school program at Glenwood Springs Middle School. After spending the last eight years working with middle school-aged children in the valley, the need for an extended day program at the middle school level is indisputable. The program is a win- win situation. The community benefits by seeing a decrease in after school “problems” and the students benefit because they are involved in something that is worthwhile and engaging to them. Students are not left unsupervised – which can sometimes end up leading to poor choices that are not safe for the child or the community. By bringing and keeping a program like Access Roaring Fork’s to the middle school, the entire community benefits.

Courses ranging from technology to dance and the arts are engaging and create a learning experience not available to students in other places. Programs will be offered by many community organizations and offer students relevant and fun classes that they want to participate in. Access Roaring Fork is also working to provide classes like Red Cross Babysitting Certification and a course with the Garfield County Sheriff’s office to promote public health and safety.

The program is underway at Glenwood Springs Middle School this fall and is a success. Currently, approximately 50 students are participating in a variety of courses. But, there is a great need for the support of the City of Glenwood Springs to make these programs grow and continue. Urge your elected officials to include Access Roaring Fork and the after school program at Glenwood Springs Middle School for the year 2010 and beyond!

Thank you for your time,

Grace Tennant, GSMS Afterschool coordinator

New Castle

An open letter to the community:

We are at that time of year when we prepare to celebrate with our families, community and faith. Driving around the last week we noticed that many people are beginning the rituals of decorating and a thought struck – what if this year instead of massive lighted symbolism we followed the intent of the season.

Everyone knows the condition of the economy, locally there have been stories of how community partners and charities are stretched to the limits of their budgets and bank accounts. Everyone also has friends and family that have lost their jobs and perhaps more. And considering that the primary reason we, the community and culture, celebrate Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ and that one of the most basic teachings of the Savior was – “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me (Matthew 25:40 KJV)” – perhaps we could all do more this year then put some reindeer on the roof.

Instead of putting hundreds of lights along the roof eaves, the lighted candy canes and dancing Santa’s in the front yard we’re holding off. We’re hoping that many of you will, too. If all of us took the money spent on the decorations and that extra money we would be giving Excel and Holy Cross Energy and gave it to the Feed My Sheep Ministry, the Salvation Army, LIFT-UP, Food Bank of the Rockies, Toys for Tots or whatever charity you feel led to give to, everyone would be better off.

Frankly, while the lights are pretty, the light in someone else’s eyes when they have been given a hand up and shown true caring is far more sparkling.

James Blatter

Skip and Ginny McDonald

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