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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

I need to take a minute to pass on information everyone who has an elderly parent needs to hear.

The scams targeting the elderly in this country and Garfield County are frightening. My mother has been the target of these lottery scams for a number of years. At first she said it was just a hobby, she was just playing with them, having fun dreaming about the money. We had no idea how serious it was.

She sent cash in the mail and sent back their questionnaires right and left. Before we knew it she had four or five grocery bags full of fraudulent mail scams hidden in the closet. She got 10 or more fraudulent mailings every day. She got so many fraudulent checks we lost count. Calls every day trying to set up meetings or come to the house to pickup the processing fees she had to pay to collect the lottery winnings. Playing on her desire to help us kids, playing on her loneliness and senility. She was addicted to it like a drug.

I have reported them to the attorney general, the sheriff, the police, the post office, the FBI. They all say the same thing: There’s nothing they can do. It’s illegal but they operate out of the country or out of hotel rooms on phones impossible to trace or locate.

We have done everything we could possibly do to protect her and have had the most horrible fights trying to get through to her. But they all end the same. She calls us every name in the book, says she hates us and we have ruined her life. I’d give anything not to have this to remember when she’s gone.

These people are cunning and ruthless, and they are making a fortune off the elderly and getting away with it. Watch out for your parents. Report it, write your legislators, tell everyone who will listen. If just one of you sees this and recognizes that it is happening to your mom or dad, this letter will have accomplished its purpose.

Betsey Ridlon


RE: Post Independent article of Nov. 30.

Second to last paragraph says “Green (county manager) said the county will continue to study the matter (pit liners), keeping in mind such considerations as the cost to the county as well as cost-effectiveness for the gas industry.”

Hog wash!

Stop the train! “Cost to the county”? This is a cost that is solely the responsibility of the gas industry. It is a cost of extraction and therefore an expense of doing oil and gas business. The county should have exactly $0.00 cost!

“Cost-effectiveness for the gas industry”? Just exactly when did concern for the profits and comfort of the largest industry in the history of our country become such a strong focal point of our little old local county government? Our county should not be concerned with making the financial environment nice and cozy for multibillion dollar industry. Our county should be concerned with the people of this county, the people were here before oil and gas and (hopefully) the people will be here after oil and gas.

What happened to government of the people, by the people, for the people? When did it become the government of the people, by the oil and gas industry, for the oil and gas industry?

Bottom line, our local county government should be concerned about the health and safety of its people. It is time to tar and feather this “political will” of Garfield County and run it out of town! Garfield county leaders do not think clearly, their thoughts of “sugar plumbs” have been contaminated by the poisons of oil and gas.

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” It seems as though this is the manifesto of Garfield County.

James Golden


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