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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

It’s not that the oil and gas companies have and continue to get away with murder, being exempt from clean water regulations.

It’s not that gas companies are now busy spending money convincing us that natural gas is so much cleaner than that nasty CO2-producing coal and oil, when in reality the methane and other (uncaptured) gases vented during production of natural gas bring it close to coal as a dirt brother-climate changer in energy production.

It’s not even that the Colorado gas industry is complaining about finally being required by the COGCC to clean up after themselves and do something with their gross polluted pit liners other than simply (and cheaply) burying them in place. We already know they squeal like stuck pigs about any and all regulation.

It’s that they expect us to help pay for it. They want us to have a dump that is capable of handling these huge toxic wads of plastic. Do you think these owners of million dollar wells (one to 20 wells per pad) can pay to dispose of, or heaven forbid, recycle their pit liners?

Where are the good old financially responsible Republicans when we need them? It is irresponsible to consider paying for one nickel of expense for the reasonable new regulation regarding pit liners other than to make sure that it is not ignored and that Garfield County does not pay for it. The pit liners are an industry by-product and it is ludicrous to worry about how they are going to pay for their proper disposal. We know they can afford it … and get a tax write-off doing it.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

I would like to comment on Friday’s front page article originating out of Rifle about building fueling centers for natural gas vehicles on the Western Slope.

This is another far-fetched attempt by the gas industry to sustain their presence in Colorado. The article mentions that Gov. Ritter is supporting and promoting this natural gas car fueling concept.

Gov. Ritter is now endorsing a plan that is not economically feasible and would be an environmental nightmare for Colorado.

Take a quick study of the car industry right now. Honda is the only company that has produced a natural gas car for the U.S. Why? Infrastructure problems present a major obstacle. It is too expensive to install the equipment at local gas stations ($700,000 quote by Swallow Oil Co.).

Also, most car manufacturers are now banking on electric plug-ins and hybrids. In much quicker fashion, electric plug-ins and hybrids will be flooding the market at much less cost and at more convenience. You can plug-in almost anywhere.

Toyota, Honda, Ford and GM have plenty of competition from several other manufacturers in the electric car market. Competition means faster buildout and into the marketplace.

By the time that an infrastructure for natural gas cars is built, electric plug-ins and hybrids will make it obsolete. The natural gas fueling station idea is not a good investment.

Let me get this straight. Gov. Ritter is now backing the gas industry in Colorado that contaminates our water sources, wastes billions of gallons of our precious water, expedites global warming (the gas industry never reveals their carbon footprint from the drilling rig to the pipeline).

FYI – the methane gas or natural gas drilling process is confirmed by scientists as being 20 times more damaging to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide (see The Independent, Sept. 23, 2008, article by Steve Connor).

It is very disappointing that Gov. Ritter is now carrying the torch of the blue flame of natural gas.

Randy Fricke

New Castle

Dear Carbondale Town Council and valley residents,

Surely there are many local people who have never had the pleasure of visiting the Thompson ranch, though it is very close to our own historical museum. To visit the ranch house is to see what the best of a century-old home was like – both a treat to see with all its old furnishings intact and a valuable educational experience for younger people and children.

I know finances are very tight for citizens and towns alike, and old buildings require expensive upkeep, but please, for the sake of all current and future residents, provide a way to preserve this one-of-a-kind treasure by working out a viable plan with the developer.

Thank you,

Pat and Bill Fender

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