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Mr. Sundin, in his latest column on corporate greed, quotes Albert Einstein concerning the limits on genius (limited) and stupidity (unlimited) and substitutes the theory that, like stupidity, there is no limit to corporate greed. He thereby singles out corporations as greedy beyond limits.

This letter is to heartily disagree with Mr. Sundin. If I were changing the quote of Mr. Einstein, as Sundin’s column suggests we do, it would read, “the difference between genius and stupidity is that government greed (not corporate greed) has no limits”. There is not a corporation in the entire world that controls more assets and means to produce wealth as does the United States government, especially the executive and legislative branches.

He then goes on to raise the idea of gross influence of lobbyists on Congress and ignores the fact that Congress is composed of mostly adult intellects and they make their own decisions. The final signing off on expenditures rests with the executive branch.

This discussion of Mr. Sundin’s philosophy has no limits but my final points would be that only the tax collectors (IRS) have ultimate power to require citizens and corporations to hand over money that is often frivolously spent by Congress and the president to buy votes and curry corporate support. Only the government can print money. There is not a corporation that could afford to spend funds that depend on the production and labors of those outside its corporate structure, as can government.

To rephrase the last line of Mr. Sundin’s column: We need to take back our country by reducing the power and greed of government and restore independence in the people. Seems that word, “independence,” appears somewhere in our founding documents.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

As the holidays come closer, we are embraced by hope and peace, the comfort and inspiration we need after a year of struggle and uncertainty. We are able to choose to spend this time with friends, family, neighbors, and other loved ones while we celebrate Christmas. The Mountain Madrigal Singers are proud to present our 29th annual concert, titled “All Voices Sing Hallelu.” The theme of our concert is meant to describe the inclusive and celebratory flavor of our music and our personalities.

The tradition of the Mountain Madrigal Singers was born 28 years ago. Our members are leaders in our community – doctors, teachers, engineers, lawyers, etc. We are proud to volunteer many hours to prepare our concerts for you – we consider them to be our gift to the community, and our chance to give back a little of the magic we’ve seen from you over the years. For all these years, the city of Glenwood Springs, the entire Roaring Fork Valley, and even folks from outlying areas of Colorado and other states have supported us with their attendance and financial gifts. We are beyond grateful for the outpouring of community support and love we have seen throughout the years.

This year, we have prepared a collection of old, new and favorite Christmas songs to draw you into the spirit of the season. Many locals consider the Mountain Madrigal Singers’ concert season to be the start of the Christmas season. Whether you’re a regular attendee, or one who has never been, we wholeheartedly invite you to relax, enjoy, and be uplifted as we welcome the Christmas season with all our hearts, souls and voices.

Performances will begin at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 11; Sunday, Dec. 13; and Saturday, Dec. 19, at the First United Methodist Church, Glenwood Springs. All concerts are free of charge.

The First United Methodist Church is handicapped accessible, and free baby-sitting will be provided at all evening performances.

Contact Stefanie at (970) 404 – 2759 for more information.

Maddie Hill’s letter is so full of bad information I can’t believe it was printed! Then again, it is an opinion page.

Donie Grange

Glenwood Springs

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