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After spewing coffee all over the page with letter’s to the editor, I had to laugh and then sigh, Maddie Hill you have all your information wrong about the abuse and use of medical marijuana. I suggest you go Google, study up and re-write your letter to the editor. This column should be about opinions, not false facts.

Lori Anderson


Dear citizens of Carbondale,

There was a philosopher named Locke during the European Enlightenment who believed that humankind is inherently good. He had a trust in humankind, a trust that people would do the right thing if given the chance. The U.S. Constitution was founded with this belief in mind, for the government is in the trusty hands of the people.

With this in mind, I left my bike at the park and ride, overnight, unlocked. In retrospect, maybe not the best idea. But for some reason, I had faith in the people of Carbondale. Well, not anymore. My bike was stolen from the park and ride. If anyone sees it, its a light green single speed, with bright blue pedals and bright orange handlebars.

Though I would love my bike back, that isn’t the reason I’m writing this letter. I’m writing to ask the citizens of Carbondale a question: Do you believe that humankind is naturally good, and what would it take to ruin that belief? Would you have taken the bike, if you had been in a hurry, and told yourself you would return it? I wish I could believe in the good of humankind, but to restore that faith, I need my bike back. My e-mail is, if you wish to contact me.

Thank You,

Tamsin Pargiter


Today I am writing to inform the people in our valley about a seriously unfair thing that happened to my girlfriend and I.

We are both students at Colorado Mountain College. Approximately 2 months ago, we purchased airline tickets to visit her family in Virginia. We scrimped our money to buy these tickets from Denver to Washington DC from Jan. 7, 2010 to Jan. 12, 2010. We checked and double checked CMC’s academic calendar to be sure that we would be traveling during CMC’s winter break, as we did not want to be absent from any of our classes.

We thought we were home free because the academic calendar stated that the spring semester would begin on Jan. 17. Much to our surprise, after registering for spring classes in November, we looked at the class start dates and saw that it was Jan. 11. Well, as you can imagine we were stunned! CMC changed the academic calendar at the last minute from classes starting on the 17th to classes starting on the 11th. After contacting the school about this problem they acknowledged that they had made a mistake on their academic calendar and offered to give us a tuition credit in the amount of $150 to change our tickets. That would be great I said, but the only problem is that it will cost $284 to change each ticket. They countered by saying, “… we will not be able to reimburse you for any costs over the said amount above, we are sorry …”.

You would think that an accredited institution such as Colorado Mountain College would have enough common sense to post a correct academic calendar at least 1 year in advance, but I guess they don’t. This is such a frustrating situation for us because we don’t have the money to buy new tickets or change our existing ones, and we will have to miss the first 2 days of classes! I can’t believe CMC’s unwillingness to help us after they have already admitted fault. Some great school, Eh?

Bret Conant

Glenwood Springs

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