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I can’t stand it anymore. A bunch of people keep writing to you, and they are basically saying that no matter what this president does, it won’t be good or right; except for $10 billion a month spent on a war (that Congress has yet to declare).

However, I will agree that the only proven way to win a war is the General Sherman “scorched earth” method. It worked in the Civil War and World War I and World War 2. Level them. Level them all. Break their will to fight. Leave nothing standing. It’s a proven method.

My father used to get beet red mad when I bad-mouthed the Vietnam War and tricky Dick Nixon. It turns out my generation was right and his was wrong.

This war is another Vietnam, and we’re making zero progress.

Michael Horst


This is in response to Randy. Fricke’s letter of Dec. 3

1. By providing abundant, affordable energy that provides refrigeration to preserve food, transportation to deliver goods and electricity to light and heat homes the energy companies have made possible the high standard of living we experience in the United States. I certainly hope Mr. Fricke lives off the grid. Otherwise, he’s a hypocrite.

2. I was unaware that our ecosystems have been destroyed in the United States. Drilling has been occurring in Colorado for the last 50-plus years; I look out my window and see clear blue skies and snow covered peaks, I turn on my tap and pure water gushes out. This is what a destroyed ecosystem looks like?

3. I am not going to respond to the bizarre allegation that energy companies contributed to the Katrina disaster, it isn’t worth the ink.

4. In 2009 alone, energy companies on the Western Slope contributed $900,000 to Colorado Mountain College, $860,000 to St. Mary’s Hospital and $240,000 to Mesa State College. Two million dollars donated to three organizations in one year by energy companies. In my book that counts as giving back to the American people. I see what they provide in property taxes, sales taxes and severance taxes. Garfield County is one of the few in the state that is financially stable. Other than leaving, what is it that Mr. Fricke wants from the energy companies?

Norm Chandler


It is during weeks like this that I am reminded of how difficult living can be if you don’t have a place to sleep at night. As I lie on a pad on a church floor surrounded by about 20 people, I was overwhelmed by gratitude to the people of Garfield County and the Roaring Fork Valley for their generosity in making an overnight shelter possible.

Monday night I watched snow fall for hours piling up around the building and wondered how I would cope if I were outdoors that night. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about that.

Residents of Glenwood Springs and the surrounding areas have given two-thirds of what is needed to cover the winter overnight shelter, and we at Feed My Sheep are so thankful for the show of generosity from our community. We still have more to raise in order to make this a reality through March, but we are getting there.

There are many hard-working families who have sacrificed so that those in need have the opportunity to stay safe and warm.

This is a great place to live, work, and of course play, and that is made evident again through the compassion of its people.

Kenneth Williams

New Castle

I would like to invite everyone to participate in our Food Drive and Wreath Give-away to benefit LIFT-UP. LIFT-UP is a local organization that provides food to those in need. They have seen demand increase significantly this year. In order to help, Sopris Chiropractic and Alpine Bank are sponsoring a Holiday Wreath Give-away. Bring a bag of nonperishable food items, and we will thank you with a beautiful holiday wreath and cookies.

The food drive is Saturday, Dec. 12, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Willits Winter Market in the Willits Town Center. I encourage everyone to donate to this worthy organization and help put holiday meals on the table.

Thank you,

Dr. Scott Tesoro

Sopris Chiropractic

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