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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

The Thompson House may be the greatest thing since butter. My only beef is that if the Town Council accepts the Thompson house and any and all costs that come with it – that is really the tip of the iceberg?

Is it not a fact that in taking over the Thompson house, you have to allow Lew Ron and Jackie to build all of that housing? There again is a lot of construction of homes or condos that is probably going to sit empty. John Foulkrod has put together some very interesting facts. I hope you read his article in the Sopris Sun. I think he said it quite well. How mandated affordable housing may raise the cost of living in Carbondale – how much higher can Carbondale afford to be.

Your taxes are as high as you can make them. The town is short of money. No tax base. No large long-term businesses are allowed here. I don’t care one way or the other if the town takes over the Thompson House, I am just tired of everybody wanting to build more housing. The state of Colorado’s economy has tanked.

Ask the people that are out of work. Some of them have had little or no work since a year ago in November.

Aspen economics is slowly gearing up, but large projects in Snowmass are still sitting there unfinished.

Most of the government-run offices in Aspen, Snowmass, etc. have had to let people go. Have cut down hours. I don’t think this is the time for the town of Carbondale to jump into having to pay out more than it needs to.

Apparently you don’t seem to get it. There is lots of housing for rent and there are lots of places for sale in this town. I thought there was an article the other day stating that our sewer plant is running pretty much to capacity? Are all these new housing projects going to pay for an extension of the sewer and what about the water situation? We have seen years when Sopris was pretty bare.

Just some thoughts to ponder.

Jane Spaulding


With all the worrying and scheming going on about medical pot, I can only laugh at the serious tones of some elected officials. God forbid we should allow the happy hemp to fall into the hands of recreational users.

These super-righteous purists still believe the tales of the “killer weed.” Back in the 1950s they claimed it caused negroes to rape and rampage. By the 1970s some clown with a degree labeled it a “gateway drug.” Try a joint today and you’d be banging heroin tomorrow.

We now know all these alarmists had brown eyes because they were full of it up to their pointy little heads.

Stop and think how much money the state could take in by taxing legalized herbage. Last I heard, Colorado was a few hundred million short on its budget.

Instead of being sensible, we cut Medicare payments, cut education budgets, close mental health facilities and release criminals from prison to save a few bucks.

There’s no rational reason why grass is still illegal. We keep filling ever more prison cells with otherwise hard-working, tax-paying citizens. We create the black market that funnels cash to gangs for the guns as we thump on our bibles and preach love and understanding.

This year, skip the cookies and milk and leave Santa a doobie to keep him jolly.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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