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Last night we attended a wonderful performance of “Visiting Mr. Green” presented by the Thunder River Theatre Company and I can’t recommend it enough. This heart-felt play makes you laugh, makes you cry, and makes you think. The set is so authentic that you are there. The movement is fast. And the two actors’ performances are phenomenal. The intimate setting and fine acting makes you feel like you know these people and you certainly empathize with them. It is worth taking a little time out of you busy holiday schedule to enjoy this fine theatrical experience. The play runs through Dec. 19 at TRTC.

Sharon Andersen

Glenwood Springs

Crystal meth is a nationwide epidemic and Colorado is ranked 8th for meth usage. To me there is no issue more important than stopping families from being destroyed and individuals from tearing their lives to shreds because of crystal meth. Among users, the highest age group is between 18-24 years old. 41 percent of meth addicts began using at age 17 or younger.

Here in my community, or overall in this valley, it is not very common to see the use of this drug, but it is very common in cities such as Grand Junction and Denver. Why study something that does not affect our valley? Well, I feel knowledge is power and if people in this valley have the power to know meth kills, they won’t ever use. I can’t stress enough how dangerous this drug is, and how usage will destroy more than just the user; it kills from the inside out.

Studies show that saturation level campaigns reach 70-90 percent of teens statewide, 3-5 times a week with billboards, newspapers, and the Internet. Abstain from this toxic drug and do the same for your loved ones.

For more information go to

*Statistics and facts used from

Adrian Hermosillo


A bluebird has flown into Glenwood Springs; actually it’s a cafe by that name now occupying the space on Grand Avenue where the Summit Canyon Mountain coffee shop was. On its bright blue wings this bird has brought to downtown a young couple with plans chock full of charm, ranging from musical nights – already underway and mostly acoustic – to art exhibits, and expanding choices in food.

The nurturing energy of the new owners appears inspiring to the warmly attentive wait staff and has created a convivial welcome to customers of all ages, whether dashing in for a quick coffee or lingering long over a laptop, or chatting to an eclectic selection of background music. Generously-stuffed sandwiches, which along with soothing soups are the staple of the present menu, and are quite delicious. The offer of apple slices as an alternative to chips is a meaningful gesture to promote good health.

The Bluebird Cafe is not the only health-oriented establishment in the vicinity. Good Health, downtown Glenwood’s well-stocked grocery shop and expanded deli, encourages healthful eating with the purest products sold by an informed staff, one of whom is Margie – whose very hello has a healing effect. I suspect she possesses what Hindus refer to as an old soul. Two doors down from Good Health on Cooper Avenue is TreadZ, a shoe store that can give a lift to a customer’s soul by the interest taken in the well-being of the sole, and every other part of the foot.

If you want some healthy TLC this solstice season, it’s waiting for you where the character of small-town America has always been – downtown.

Judith King

Glenwood Springs

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