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Linda Pontius Waite was one of the kindest, most generous ladies I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She was so real and genuine. She was the perfect nurse – it came so natural to her that one would have had to hog-tie her to keep her from doing something nice or kind. She always thought of others, and gave so much of herself to everyone.

She was a natural exhorter, and encouraged others to open up, volunteer, or just advance themselves. She always seemed to think the best of everyone. She down-played the things she did, and pointed out others to see to it they received credit due. She was wonderful. She was a wonderful friend – more like a sister as she was so easy to love and be around.

I could not have said these things at her memorial service. I would never have made it through the comments. Those that knew her did not need to be told this. Those who did not have the privilege of knowing her, well you need to know you really missed out.

Look around and see if you can find folks who are kind, generous and thoughtful and be a friend to them. Be sure you appreciate them. There are not enough of them. So hang on and don’t let them drift away from you.

I will miss Linda immensely as will everyone who knew Linda and loved her.

Juanita R. Williams


We live in a wonderful community, which was reinforced by a recent experience.

Upon returning to my car following a walk in Two Rivers Park, I found my keys weren’t in my pocket or visible in the car. There were some young men of high school age tossing a ball and chatting. I asked if they could take me home for another key. Garrett Hatch, a very polite young man agreed to take me even though it was through rush hour traffic.

The other young men stayed at the park and when we returned one of them was smiling and waving my keys.

They told me a man found them in the park and tried the door opener, which worked. He asked the young men if they knew whose car it was. They told him I was on the way with another key and would be there soon. Being a trusting person he left the keys with them.

In my car were my purse, identification papers, credit cards and cash – plus car and house keys on the key ring – and nothing was disturbed, thanks to all involved.

Thanks so much to the kind gentleman who found the keys and took time to identify my car, and also to the young men for safeguarding my belongings. Many thanks also to the parents of the students and the schools for their good upbringing. In another community it could have been a much different scenario.

This incident reinforces my feeling that most young people are going to become good citizens in our community and need acknowledgment of their efforts in this direction.

We are fortunate to live here.


Pat Graddis

Glenwood Springs

Obama is the Kenyan word for “sold out”. According to some very cynical reporting, the Obama administration never planned on having a public option in the new health care bill. The story is that the deal was made with the health care companies, in secret of course, to trade an industry favorable bill for campaign donations for the 2012 election.

To be sure, the massive amounts of small donations that swelled the campaign coffers in 2008 won’t be there again. We’ve had the “hope” thing, been there, done that. Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod have to get the money somewhere.

Dr. Howard Dean is right again, and again. He says kill the health bill. Emanuel will try to kill Dean, again, and again. Dean’s “50 state strategy” was one of the principal reasons for Obama’s election. Did you even hear one thank you? Ever wonder why Dean didn’t get a position in the Obama administration?

Lieberman is just the hit man. He’s doing the job Obama wants him to do.

Drug prices are non-negotiable. Insurance is mandatory; you will be fined (taxed) if you decline. Health care premiums are not controlled. (I just received a 20 percent increase in my premium for Blue Cross.)

30,000 troops to Afghanistan. No regulations on derivatives. No lending from the big banks. Big banks consolidating at will. Business as usual.

Patrick Hunter


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