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In response to James Wingers’ letter regarding parking for snowmobiles in Lenado. My deepest intention is to support the creation of a consensual process, whereby all options for snowmobile access and parking are thoroughly investigated with members of the community, county and caucus bodies, residents of Lenado and visiting snowmobilers, while working towards the best solutions for all. My comments in the paper were directed at the Pitkin BOCC who made a very swift decision about parking in Lenado. A decision which went against their own Planning and Zoning commission, the Woody Creek Caucus and all public comment made during that meeting a few weeks back.

James, I honor your right to snowmobile in the White River National Forest. I just request better research on your part before slandering anyone in the public forum. I don’t, nor have I ever owned a jet. My non-profit business, True Nature Healing Arts, is located in Carbondale and requires no air travel. I don’t own a mining claim but rather 6 acres of property with mineral rights purchased from Lumber Jack. While I do spend time in Carbondale for work and family, I consider Lenado my home and will be spending much more time there once construction is finished. I have no problem with immigrants living and working in Carbondale, they are some of the finest people I know. Finally, my comments about 2-stroke snowmobile engine pollution did not come from Sloan but Discover Magazine, May 2008.

Branden Cohen


Jack Blankenship does not see that he and Hal Sundin actually have areas of agreement.

The “government greed” on which Mr. Blankenship tries to put his finger, I believe, could be defined as taxes and other resented “powers” over his life. What he fails to see is that lawmakers are controlled by the influence of corporate donations, and the relentless pandering to and pampering of congress by lobbyists. The lawmakers control laws that could control them … like campaign finance reform.

Mr. Blankenship sees government involved in health care as a power grab. He refuses to see the power grab of pharmaceutical and insurance companies, not subject to antitrust laws and fair market competition. The money these corporations make definitely puts them in the greedy category.

Power to tax? The government has ceded even that to corporations in some cases. We frequently pay for water and sewer for developers where they should be factoring this into construction costs. Those who develop huge tracts and reap huge gains should not get the same breaks as a single family home builder. And there are the extraction industry’s externalities … things we pay for because corporations are not asked or forced to … like cleaning up water pollution or pit liners. Think of the superfund sites. Corporations too big to fail, until they do, and we [or our children] pay [a tax] to bail them out.

Our past administration gave military responsibilities to the Blackwater corporation, taking some control away from our generals, thereby, to a degree, even giving corporate control over the power on how to make war. Blackwaters’ contract was no bid and despite their documented incompetence, brutality and wastefulness, Blackwater became rich at our expense. This administration still employs Blackwater. Hal Sundin might call this corporate profiteering.

I think Mr. Blankenship and Mr. Sundin are closer in belief than Mr. Blankenship might imagine, both believing their country to have been hijacked. However I find Mr. Sundin’s “axe to grind” sharpened to a finer point.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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