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Glenwood Springs,. CO Colorado

I am a proud resident of Colorado for 23 years. When I moved here from Massachusetts in 1986, I fell in love with the tough-minded, independent spirit of the residents of our state and have called it my home ever since.

That’s why when I hear you telling us the economy and our lives are going to hell in a hand basket if we don’t pass health care legislation before Christmas I laugh and wonder if you realize how absurd you sound.

No one is taking your doomsday talk seriously. This ongoing “chicken little” routine you use has fallen on deaf ears in Colorado.

This may surprise you, Mr. Obama, but if you read history it will tell you that we were here long before you became president and we will certainly be here long after you are gone. You act like we are helpless without you, so you use fear and then promise you will take care of everything for us.

Coloradans don’t trust politicians with our money and certainly not with our bodies. You have no way of knowing what is best for our families. When you promise to give health care it doesn’t take us long to figure out that it is impossible for you to offer us something you do not provide.

I’m sorry, is your name Dr. Obama? Do you own a medical practice we don’t know about? Maybe you own a pharmaceutical company? What’s that? Oh, that’s right, you are an attorney.

This may seem old-fashioned, but when we hicks in Colorado need health care, we visit those that actually provide it. Strangely, in our state none of those people are lawyers. We visit people with titles like doctor, surgeon, nurse, physical therapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, nutritionist and even medical marijuana dispensaries.

If we want to negotiate our health care needs, we go to our providers, not our congressmen. Listen to this, Mr. Obama: Coloradans will not stand for you controlling our lives so respect our freedom of choice and keep your health care legislation out of our state.

Peter Martin

New Castle

I am so confused about these immigration reform protests. Could somebody please explain to me how being rewarded for evading the law is going to have a discouraging effect on other potential immigrants?

Obviously we have a great country to live in. Obviously our country represents more opportunity for livelihood than most other countries.

I am tired of people being called racist because they support following the rules. This is not about race it is about obeying the law.

Can somebody please explain to me why the great US of A cannot grasp a simple principle like this? If a murderer evades capture for long enough should they get a parade, free health care, and free education? Would we then have to hear the murderer complain about being treated unfairly?

Enough is enough, maybe our immigration system is not perfect and does need some reform, but how is reforming it going to affect the people who completely ignored it to get here?

Bo Balcomb

Glenwood Springs

My husband and I would like to thank the kind lady who paid for our lunch at Arby’s in Glenwood Springs on Dec. 16.

My husband and I took our baby granddaughter to the doctor’s office to be checked out because she had a cold (she is 23 months old). She does not like the car seat, and I have a hard time getting her buckled in. After leaving the doctor’s office my husband said let’s get something to eat. I said no, because I didn’t want to take the baby out of her car seat. He said they have a drive through. “OK,” I said. We placed our order and my husband said, “Did you ask for the senior discount”, I said no, but I will. I asked for the discount and the attendant told me, “OK, I’ll give you the senior discount. When I pulled up to the window and handed the fellow my $20 to pay for our lunch, he told me it was already paid for by the lady in front of us. We thought that was very nice. That goes to show you there are good and kind people in this world.

Alice Holmes


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