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I am sure that everyone is getting tired of my ragging on this housing project that the School District and the Town wants so badly. I just was curious? It seems that the term 12 acres has been flounced around? Does the 12 acres you speak of include the two old buildings? If it does, then the 12 acres you are referring to cannot be used to describe open ground that will be built upon. Sounds like a lot of ground to me. If you look at the open field and the ground surrounding the old CES building, that is not 12 acres, it’s a lot less. You are talking of putting a 100-plus building on this small amount of land. I cannot envision that. They only put 50 homes on Keator Grove? They must be either a lot smaller than those homes, crammed together, or no grass at all. Just be enough room to walk around the buildings. One thing about it, the people on the east side of all of this mess better take pictures of the Mountains to the west because you won’t see anything when you look out your window, but the next door neighbor’s home. You certainly won’t have any privacy in your back yards. No more sunsets. I hope you are ready for construction dirt and noise, too.

Such a shame that the school district and the town could not find a more spacious place to put that many homes.

I wonder where they are going to park cars? Well, maybe cars will be banned and these apartment dwellers can only use bicycles and the walking paths.

Just some thoughts to think about?

Jane Spaulding


Dear Mr. President and Congress,

You have managed to allow “corporate med”, and your members who are owned by the same, to transform this health care reform initiative into a welfare package for them. You have also included language in this monstrosity to mandate insurance coverage for Americans and fine them if they don’t. This is unacceptable. What we really need is Medicare for all.

How much money could America save if our leaders would step up and shut down the giant monsters that siphon off our money for no reason but greed?

David Mead


To the angel at the Hotel Denver:

You know who you are. You know how much it meant, and best of all, it came from the heart. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take the time to recognize a true do-gooder at heart. Someone who has shown the real Christmas spirit through selfless acts. I am talking about a co-worker who went out of their way to bring food and presents for a family in need. I cannot express enough, how much your kindness means, especially at this tough end of the year. It truly warms the heart, for there is goodness in people. I hope and pray for this angel to have the warmest, brightest, happiest season of all, and thank you from the heart. I do believe in angels.

Crystal Stroder


John Norman missed my point. If you send an e-mail to Washington, does it really get noticed? Who takes your phone call when you call your reps in Washington?. A whole lot of paper letters might make an impression.

Donie Grange

Glenwood Springs

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