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Saturday’s (Dec. 19) front page and two other full pages report on the rally held by CIRC the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition held in Sayre Park and in other ski areas near by. More space was given to this protest than was given to the presidential election by the Post Independent.

Several things concern me about this organized protest and demand for jobs in the ski industry. First of all I question the legality of the protesters. Is it legal for a group of illegal aliens to protest in a country that they are not citizens of? I guess this would be a question for Don Kaufman who represents illegal aliens in this area. I would also question this. Is it ignorance or total selfishness that drives this kind of protest to be held during the worst recession since the Great Depression?

Americans are struggling. Colorado’s unemployment rate is the highest in years. People are taking jobs that pay half of what they used to make. Home foreclosures are at an all time high and CIRC demands jobs for illegal aliens. In Grand Junction the Salvation Army was taking applications for kettle collectors that would pay seven dollars an hour, a job that normally would go to homeless people or volunteers. A ski job would look pretty good to those people.

You protest for jobs while Americans scan newspapers and the Internet hoping to find one they can apply for. Unemployment benefits are not extended here in our area because the unemployment rate is not high enough, yet you protest for jobs. Ralph Vasquez says “It’s time for the people who live in this valley to be represented and accounted for, so we can come out of the shadows of illegality.” No Ralph its time you went back to your own country and change the conditions there. That is where your representatives live. That is where you are legally represented. If you don’t like what is happening here you have the right to leave. Exercise that right and show true leadership.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

Let’s just say that my name is, “Hungry.” I live in a town about 20 miles west of Glenwood Springs, I think we all know it as Silt. Or maybe I should refer it to as down valley trash, because that is how someone made me feel last week.

When I came from Silt that day, it was not for our entertainment. I planned on stopping by Lift-Up at the Catholic Charities building. To those who may not know what “Lift -Up” is, it is a community program that helps in assisting low-income or needy families with food, clothing and sometimes gasoline. My husband and I were hit below the belt with decreased hours in our jobs, and we have found ourselves to be more “needing” from the help of others. Although I have stopped by there only once before in the last month, to get laundry detergent, there was a wonderful lady there who helped me, no questions asked. I was extremely thankful for the help, and decided I would go back if I really needed it. That day when I walked up to the lift up counter with my son, I asked for help with some food items. The lady proceeded to ask me where I live, I replied, “In Silt.” She then informed me that she could not help me, because I lived in Silt.

For those who have never been to Silt, the town doesn’t even have a grocery store or bank, let alone a designated place where people can go to receive help. The lady then directed me to go back to Rifle, where there is another Lift up. It raised several questions about the kind of “help” our community is providing. I love the valley, but no matter what race, age, religion, where I live, or how I look should ever come between the help of the community and its people. If you are so rightly to be judging of others, I hope next time you will think twice!

Crystal Stroder

“Hungry in Silt”

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