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Have you had enough of the overpowering federal government’s intrusions into your everyday life? Well, one of the biggest threats to Garfield County, its citizens and visitors, its economy and future growth is coming not from Washington, D.C., but from our neighbors in Pitkin County.

What, you say? The huge land grab masked as “Hidden Gems.” This attempt to deprive us of our natural heritage is largely centered in Garfield, not Pitkin, County. 700,000 acres may not be a figure easily understood, but how about 1,094 square miles? That’s what these people really want, and what they started asking for, to remove from recreational use.

Do you understand what they want to do? Well, when a search was under way for a hunter in the Ripple Creek area, the searchers were forbidden to use any kind of motorized equipment, because the lost hunter was in a wilderness area.

But equally upsetting is the response of some of the Gems advocates when asked if they’d ever been to the endangered areas. Everyone I have spoken to has said they’ve never been there. On top of that, most didn’t think they’d ever be going to these areas.

Outdoor sports are a very large portion of our economy. What’s going to happen when 4 Mile Road is closed off above Sunlight Mountain Resort? What about the wonderful snowmobiling off the Buford Road? What about the lost revenue in housing, food sales, gas and recreational equipment sales? Do you, as a Garfield County resident, want to have all this country in your back yard, and be unable to use it?

It’s interesting how these Gems people give way when confronted by special groups, such as the rock climbers off Route 82. Come on, people. Stand up for your way of life before it’s gone. These people don’t care what the Forest Service has to say; they are going to play an end run around the USFS by going directly to Congress, figuring that the people in Washington, in their little world in DC, may be more easily persuaded to enact potentially disastrous law that will hurt us all.

Wake, up Garfield County.

Bill Hiort


This letter is in response to John Colson’s article on Garfield County’s contract with Divide Creek Animal Hospital on the county’s impounds.

John Colson called our clinic yesterday and was wanting to ask some questions regarding this contract. Dr. Langegger was unavailable to comment because he was busy with surgery at the time of the call, and the article was published in Wednesday’s paper, front page.

First off I would like to reassure the citizens of Garfield County that your tax dollars are not being spent on euthanizing dogs and cats after five days, even though Colorado law states animals must be held for five days before doing so.

With the 100-plus dogs and cats that have come to our clinic since our contract started, almost 50 percent of them went to CARE, the others were returned to their owners, and the remainder we found homes for. Never once have we euthanized an animal because its five days were up, and we never will.

For those whom are still confused with our contract allow me to clear it up for you. We are a holding facility for Garfield County, we treat medically if needed. Animals are the property of Garfield County, it’s simple.

Garfield County Sheriff’s Animal Control and officers now can bring animals to a safe environment 24 hours a day in hopes to locate an owner or transport to CARE, after the five days are up. This frees up Garfield County sheriffs the time it takes to drive from places as far as Parachute to CARE located up in Spring Valley, when they find a dog or cat at large. It also saves the owner as well if they are located downvalley, not having to travel all the way to CARE to reclaim their animal.

I feel this article was very vague, and we did not have the opportunity to explain what we really do, not what the law states.

Remember this is a animal hospital, we save animals lives not take them.

Patty Grace

kennel manager

Divide Creek Animal Hospital

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