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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

This letter is to the “hunter” who gunned down a migrating goose on the bike path between Horseshoe Bend and No Name on Dec. 24 and as well as the Garfield County Sheriffs’ Office.

My daughter and her dog were taking a walk along the canyon’s bike trail around 3:00 on Christmas Eve and were startled by the noise of a gun shot blast and flying geese. Looking around she saw a man with a rifle running from the trail to the bank of the Colorado River. Terrified by the sight of a dead bird on the ice as well as the “hunter” with his gun still pointed, his dogs running along the river to get the dead goose and the other people with him laughing, she called me on her cell phone.

She and I both called 911. She received a call back from the Sheriff’s Office saying that it was not their problem and that they would call the Division of Wildlife. They never called me back. The DOW never followed up either.

My question to the sheriff is: When did it become legal to carry a loaded firearm and to hunt from the Glenwood Canyon Bike Trail? Do you not know that at any given time of day there are always numerous joggers, walkers, and those who just love to enjoy the quiet and beautiful scenery along this path?

Why didn’t the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office just send somebody out to investigate?

Joanne Karet

No Name

It’s been one year since Israel attacked Gaza, killing more than 1,400 people, wounding thousands, displacing 60,800 civilians and damaging 17,000 homes, resulting in Jewish South African judge Richard Goldstone finding Israel guilty of war crimes and human rights violations. In the last year, Israel has prevented the Palestinian people from rebuilding their homes, businesses and infrastructure, causing a humanitarian crisis the likes of which the world has never seen.

Still, the Palestinians have expressed their willingness to make peace with the regime that relentlessly oppresses them. Palestinian leaders’ only requirement for resuming peace talks has been that Israel stop building Jewish homes in occupied Palestinian territory. This they have absolutely refused to do, proving that Israel’s leaders clearly do not care for peace, equality, justice, human rights or anything else that gets in the way of their goal of eliminating the possibility of Palestinian statehood. Their slaughter of thousands upon thousands of innocent Palestinian people over the last 50 years shows they care nothing for human life either.

It’s time to get tough with Israel and show them that the United States will not tolerate the oppression, apartheid and disregard for life that Israel has demonstrated since its formation. Join me in writing and calling our state representatives to ask that they vote to discontinue all financial aid to Israel until a peace agreement is reached.

Let’s make 2010 the year that the U.S. finally does something real to end the Middle East conflict.

Sue Gray


Now that both the Senate and the House have passed their versions of “healthcare reform” they must combine the two bills into one, which President Obama will sign. We must wait to see how it will affect us, the taxpayers; us, the general population; us, the government. Yes, those three terms refer to us, the people. We forget that we are the government. We provide the funds necessary to keep the boys and girls in Washington passing laws and making policy for us. So let us ask ourselves: How can we expect the government to pay for something that we cannot or do not want to pay for ourselves?

Candy Hammerich


I couldn’t help but chuckle at the irony on page A16 of Friday’s paper. There was a wonderful article that showed the kindness of an unknown lady who purchased a week’s worth of rooms at a motel in Colorado Springs for those without homes. Right under the article was an ad for a $40 million house in Aspen.

Brandon Beaudette

Glenwood Springs

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