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This letter is in response to Joanne Karet’s letter about the hunter who “harvested” a goose in the Glenwood canyon. Lets start by setting one thing straight, hunters don’t “gun animals down.” I can only assume that since the DOW didn’t respond they knew the individual was ok to be hunting there. I will leave it up to Joanne to read up on the hunting regulations (more specifically waterfowl regs) in Colorado.

Joanne needs to understand this is Colorado and we hunt here. The vast majority of hunters are ethical and obey the laws and regulations. That being said her letter was an attack on all hunters and made us out to be evil people.

Lets start with the opening line “gunned down a migrating goose” I have harvested many animals with rifle and shotgun but I have never “gunned an animal down.” I am not sure what she meant by saying the hunter still had his gun pointed. Was the hunter pointing and the geese because if so it obvious he was just trying to harvest another goose. (again see the Colorado regs for bag and possession limits on geese) Joanne next stated that the hunter laughed, well why not? When I hunt I am out having a good time, and that is one of the emotions you show when you are doing fun activities. I am sure Joanne laughs when she is out with her friends doing what she enjoys.

The end of here letter really got to me because there are many trails in this area (No Name trail, Colorow trail, Hunter Creek) these are great places to recreate (jog, hike, walk and yes hunt) but these people don’t understand that it’s a place for all of us not just people like them.

And guess what, I too love to enjoy the quiet and beautiful scenery along these places (just like you) when I hunt them, but I understand sometimes I have to share them with people like you. When will you guys understand this, and realize public lands are for everyone.

Jake Hendrickson

New Castle

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