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We have lost another valuable business and two wonderful friends to the Battlement Mesa Co. rental increases. The Easy Cuisine has had to close because the exorbitant rent for their space precludes a reasonable profit for the investment and efforts necessary to serve their clients.

Alon and Jan were always there with delicious food at reasonable prices, and when they catered an event it was always a special treat for those attending. It is hard to understand what the company is attempting to accomplish. They raised the rent on the apartments making them too pricey for those on fixed incomes and minimum wages. Trailers have had to move out of the RV Park. We have lost a lot of what made our community an attractive place to live to mysterious moves by the Co. We have a representative group called Battlement Mesa Service Association, but it is controlled by the company and powerless.

So, if you expect a favorable response don’t “Ask me about Battlement Mesa” as the bumper stickers advise. It is being flushed down the porcelain buddah.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

They spit on our sovereignty and demand the rights of U.S. citizens, while our political whores in Washington sell out our country for the Latino vote.

More than 15 million unemployed citizens and 10 million skilled jobs held by illegal aliens. From 1996 to 2006, 393 billion American dollars was spent on welfare for illegal aliens. During that same period, $50 billion was taken out of our economy and sent south of the Rio Grande, every year.

The Council of La Raza is the largest advocacy group for illegal Hispanic immigration. Their motto is, “Por La Raza todo, fuera de La Raza, nada.” Translation: “For the race, everything, for those outside the race, nothing.” Is that the kind of diversity we want?

Giving 15-20 million criminals precious American citizenship, before we gain control of our borders, is insane! We’d be facing the same problem again in just a few years.

We can and should send every illegal back to their country of origin and deduct the cost from the foreign aid of that country.

Let the Catholic bishops find a legal way to increase the size of their congregations. It’s time we took care of our own first.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


I pondered prior to writing this, whether it was just me. It wasn’t. What brain child’s idea was the stop light going toward Aspen at the foot of the bridge in Glenwood?

Was not all that construction supposed to lighten the load (pardon the pun ) on up- and downvalley traffic? Now, there’s an additional delay for the Glenwood-Aspen bound. It takes more time due to the additional, unnecessary light to get to dow town than it did a year ago? Am I not seeing something or did the same engineer do the traffic lane idea which is laughable, that introduced a traffic flow stop light at that junction?

Maybe my watch lied to me, you check it with yours. Go from West Glenwood to downtown and see if you’re not spending an additional two to three minutes doing so. I never saw a traffic tie up there at the southbound end of the bridge. I never witnessed anyone not being able to go over the bridge from any direction. I should say, in the past, not the present. Now, all of those negatives exist.

Randy Smith

Glenwood Springs

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