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January 2010 and we are almost a year into Obama’s presidency how’s that hope and change working out for you people. How many of the people that voted for this clown wish they hadn’t now?

Obama is nothing more than a snake oil salesman; telling you what you want to hear to buy the product. If you listen to him it’s not what he says but how he says it. The policies this man has implemented have prolonged the recession and made the overall situation worse. We had to pass the bailout money that he voted on and urged former president Bush to ask for and sin [sic] the TARP bill then later blames Bush, what a hypocrite. This man child for a president has to step up to the plate and be responsible for what he has done and quit being a baby and blaming Bush.

There hasn’t been a president yet that hasn’t inherited baggage from the previous administration and won’t be either. It’s clear by now for those people who drank the kool-aid that Obama is a shame. His polices are radical and so are half the people in his staff, it’s clear that the 5 minute career he had in the Senate wasn’t enough to run the country. He has spent more money in the first year of his presidency than all 43 presidents combined, spent more than all the wars totaled up and he it doesn’t seem like he’s going to stop. We cannot keep printing money because it will be worthless, with nothing to back it up and the dollar keeps losing its value. You cannot rob Peter to pay Paul and expect to get ahead. We cannot afford a re-election of Obama and his administration.

We are the greatest country on Earth and Obama and the Chicago way are tearing it apart from the inside out. Remember elections have consequences and we are paying for it now. Wake up and do the research yourself because the media is biased and are running cover for this hack.

Curt Hanson


All you Hidden Gems activists, you should come out of hiding behind closed doors and actually put out the facts. Everyone can see your advertisements and how you act like you stand for trying to keep the forests from being over used and abused? How many of you have actually been in any of the forests that you claim your trying to protect? You sound a lot like the ACLU. Trying to protect the rights of a few, rather than protecting the rights of many.

Organizations such as this are usually like a house of cards. You have nothing to back up your indignations. You think that the Forest Service and the politicians are going to back you? I hope not. I hope they see you for the extremists that you actually are. Anybody that isn’t on your side, is wrong, apparently. You can’t possibly be aware of the danger of the bark beetle. Not one of you, including the so called, mastermind of Hidden Gems, can tell us what solution you have come up with to fight this beetle. All any of you can say is we are trying to protect the Forest from anybody that wants to use it other than yourselves. Well that’s not a good enough reason. As someone mentioned in the latest article written in the paper. Salazar is not going along with your agenda, as you need 100 percent of the population behind you.

The people in this Valley have been taking care of the forests around here for a lot more years than some of you have been here or been alive. If you can’t get your way, then why don’t you just pick up your belongings and go away and leave us and our bark beetle alone. I think eventually we will find a solution and it won’t come from the Hidden Gems Activists. Get over yourselves.

Jane Spaulding


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