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The federal government is stepping up to the charge on global warming only recently, after 20 years of inaction. But in the last decade Americans have already taken up arms against global warming. While the federal government long failed to take stand, Colorado joined a phalanx of states’ policies that together have cut more global warming pollution than is emitted annually by all but eight of the world’s nations. Action by Gov. Ritter and the state Legislature has brought Colorado to the frontlines in the creation of a clean energy economy that has both cut pollution and acted as a bulwark in last year’s economic slump. Clean energy companies have continued to create new jobs in a struggling economy.With President Obama having rallied the international community with strong commitments in Copenhagen, Colorado must keep marching ahead, and pushing for national clean energy legislation.Dana HoffmanEnvironment ColoradoDenver

I find it disturbing to see a full page ad for real estate, I assume, by Joshua & Co., in the Post. I don’t have a problem with the Post for publishing it, but I have to ask why is it in what appears to be a middle eastern language? Is English not good enough? English is what we speak here in the United States of America. It’s bad enough that we are being forced to speak Spanish because the Mexican immigrants don’t want to learn the language of their “new” country. I would think that the real estate being described is priced high enough that prospective buyers would either speak English in America or at least have somebody in their employ that does. Why does Joshua & Co. or Christie’s Great Estates feel that they need to put it in some for-the-most-part unknown language? Or am I missing something here? Phil AmonetteSilt

Solar Energy International wishes everyone a Happy New Year. We had an extremely busy 2009, and we hope that our educational efforts can reach even more people in 2010. In addition to the many workshops that SEI offers to participants from the valley and around the world, we also taught 2,400 regional youth about how they can make a difference regarding our energy future with renewable energy, sustainable building and transportation, and energy efficiency and conservation. We at SEI are honored to help bring the message of clean and abundant energy to local youth and youth educators. Thank you to all of the dedicated educators in our region that value interactive energy education, which instills excitement for science and brings a message of hope to our youth. Thanks also to all of our local supporters – we couldn’t have done it without you. Please visit SEI’s website or stop by our Carbondale office for information about SEI’s 2010 offerings. Here’s to a wonderful new year.Soozie Lindbloom, Solar In the Schools Programthe Solar Energy International staff

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