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Addressed: Dear Bridget, Austin and Madison Gonsalves,

I read your letter about the driver hitting your pet. I noticed you used words like careless, callous and shame on you.

Well the way I see it, is you were careless, callous and shameful for allowing your pet to run loose and chase cars in the street. You should tell your son that it was your fault that his dog got run over.

Next time use a leash, then you won’t have to blame a driver that was doing his job and delivering his load so grocery stores can stock food. People can stop and fill up their cars with gas and build houses with lumber delivered on, you guessed it, trucks and trailers.

Gary Oliver

Glenwood Springs

Our state is currently being devastated by the basically unregulated energy companies who are ruining our public lands and way of life, polluting the air and water and destroying our roads and infrastructure. These companies pay only a fraction of the mineral severance taxes that are collected by our neighboring states. The state and local government officials refuse to listen to the input of the citizens who oppose this and are allowing the companies to operate with impunity.

Instead of being concerned by this situation, our state legislature seems to be more interested in working on legislation that would allow Denver Broncos ticket holders to sell their tickets on eBay and legislation to make it easier for foreign farm workers to be imported to take the jobs of American farm workers.

The above situations are just a small part of the enormous problems faced by our state, and this is an example of how our Democrat/Republican “representatives” handle these problems.

When will the citizens of this country wake up and realize that the present two-party system is totally corrupt and broken? It is time for this system to be replaced by a non-partisan, independent populist system that will take care of the needs of the common citizens rather than the political elitists and their corporate masters.

Garry Evenson


Hillary’s real challenge is to listen. It’s something she hasn’t done very well in the past. Is she a fighter like Richard Nixon, who skulks away declaring we “won’t have her to kick around anymore,” or will she have an epiphany and transcend her self-bequeathed status?

Codeword for ready on day one is “I know it all.” “Ditto heading” Obama does not impress anyone. Not acknowledging Ahmadinejad or Castro is the same as overlooking the people who live beneath them.

So, former Goldwater Girl, snubber of Iran, look-the-other-way woman, sister of a country bumpkin, political ramrod and self-appointed queen, etc., why do you wonder why you aren’t the chosen one?

Opponents draw few distinctions between Hillary and Obama; that is, people who have a vested interest in politics as usual. Bill O’Reilly for one. Rush Limbaugh may be sharper in his distinctions … a man who makes a living exploiting daily news, because he and his followers are not strong enough to anticipate the paradoxes of reality. What sweet jobs those would be: professional winners.

So, Hillary, if you are joining the ranks of those who can’t take a fair accounting, then what can you do? There is the right person for the right time. The president is more than just a watchperson … or as George W. Bush might say: a “looker-outer.” We are all looking for more than that, Hillary.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

If science and fact has any place in the process, then the oil and gas industry can support changes to industry regulations in Colorado. However, it appears as if the proposed rules are politically charged and simply meant to slow down production.

The oil and gas industry contributes $23 billion to our state’s economy and provides good jobs for more than 70,000 people, an important fact given where the rest of the economy appears headed. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission showed wisdom by finally allowing industry experts at the table. Let us just hope the commission incorporates industry expert input, and that the draft rules look different from the pre-draft rules.

Rod Christ

Grand Junction

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