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In Richard Doran’s letter for a time capsule he paints a picture of national ruin brought on by the new president Barack Obama. While less than a year in office he has “orchestrated an onslaught of government control and takeover” and has the country “rapidly becoming just another ‘failed socialistic nation.'”

Well, let’s give credit where it’s due: At least he’s gotten something done – and apparently quite a lot – in just a short time. Hey, he could have been mountain biking or cutting brush down on the “ranch.”

The anti-socialism thing does get a bit tiresome. The U.S. has a good measure of socialistic programs that work very well – ones that the septuagenarian Mr. Doran is well aware of and is probably using – Social Security and Medicare. We also have public education, child care programs, food stamps, unemployment insurance and many others.

As for “failed” nations, see Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman’s column in the last Monday New York Times. In “Learning from Europe” he puts down the myth that the more socialized nations in Europe have “failed”. In fact they are doing very well. In addition, the northern nations consistently score highest in citizen satisfaction and quality of life.

As for your high school history book, I would suggest one check the library for the landmark “People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn. Unfortunately, the history books we all grew up with had the world a little slanted. One could also try “The Lies My Teacher Told Me” that has a similar theme.

Anyone truly interested in freedom and opportunities might examine the concentration of wealth and power in the giant multinational corporations and the hundreds of millions of dollars they pour into the U.S. Congress every year. I am all for the “tree of liberty,” but let’s not bark up the wrong tree.

Patrick Hunter


Mr. Phil Amonette laments in his letter of Jan. 11 that “we are being forced to speak Spanish because the Mexican immigrants don’t want to learn the language of their new country.” I know many people learning new languages like Spanish, but not because they are being forced to, but rather to expand their horizons, broaden their minds, stave off mental retardation and dementia. I think anyone would be wise these days to explore the benefits of exercising their brains a little.

Rick Hilleary

Glenwood Springs

Obama fans are starting to remind me of Bronco fans.

Whenever a casual conversation about the Denver Broncos develops, Bronco fans will inevitably refer to John Elway at some point.

Whenever someone points out an Obama shortcoming (of which there are many), Obama fans will inevitably refer to George W. Bush at some point.

What in the world does Elway (Bush) have to do with the current state of the Broncos (United States)?

Sophakeng Kul

New Castle

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