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My “penalty” in getting a conservative letter published is usually a frivolous retort by a left-winger – typically, a diatribe of nebulous references and liberal drivel, lacking in substance. So, Patrick Hunter, you did well, but don’t accuse me of a “rant!”

He wants “credit where it’s due” for Obama, stating that “he’s gotten something done – and apparently quite a lot – in just a short time.”

“… Gallup poll has Obama’s approval rating on the economy – far and away the most important issue for the country – at an anemic 40 percent. His approval rating on health care – the issue he has devoted most of his presidency to – is at 37 percent.” If one year is a “short time” where’s evidence of accomplishment?

Then Mr. Hunter says “the antisocialism thing does get a bit ‘tiresome.'” Does his reference to me as a “septuagenarian” imply that I am unqualified to state facts and undeserving to benefit from Social Security and Medicare that I pay for with “earned income?” Tiresome? Yes! Of paying into the utterly wasteful big government socialistic programs that benefit the truly “undeserving.”

His referrals to a New York Times columnist and an author of “politically correct” American history are equally “tiresome.”

Throughout history, the United States has protected its citizens and the world from the evils of socialism, communism, and fascism. Our nation deserves nothing but praise and recognition – certainly not apologies from a flawed leader placed in power by people who were intentionally misled by his dishonest rhetoric.

Being “70 to 79” doesn’t make me a “nonentity” since the “death panel” is not yet in power. So, based upon my lifelong experiences, I stand on my convictions that these radical statists – Obama, Reid and Pelosi-are “leading” our nation to destruction.

God Bless America!

Richard Doran


Tax and spend Governor Ritter is not running for re-election.

The entire Western Slope can breath a sigh of relief. I am so happy.

He can’t leave office soon enough for any of us over here. I think the news item that he hired a photographer for $200,000 for his photo ops just really hit the spot. The budget office said they gave him $50,000 – which is a lot of money.

He spent the $200,000 as he felt it put him in a better light, no matter the budget crunch in Colorado.

Frankly I could care less why, just glad he isn’t going to run again. I would think the Democratic Party would want to give him the boot. He has overspent to the tune of millions of dollars for the Colorado state budget.

First thing any one elected should do is start cutting the number of employees – he hired 2600 new ones just a year and a half ago. Most states began reducing the number of employees to save money, not Ritter. He balanced last year’s budget with this year’s money – what a guy. He is the one who replaced Salazar with Bennet, an educator with no previous Congressional experience – that has shown up as he has not voted to help Colorado out except for the health care reform – he is behind the bill to give all Illegals blanket amnesty. He has made no bones about that.

Hopefully, Bennet’s bid for election will go down the tubes as well. Hurray!

Jane Spaulding


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