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I’d like to thank Lori Quinlan for writing a letter to the editor last week asking some important questions regarding the murals that I am currently painting. As is common, there is some misunderstanding and misinformation about the city’s role in this project. The city will be taking over ownership of the murals once they are complete, but they have had no role in hiring me as the artist.

These murals have been funded by two local community groups, and one private donor. I am honored to add one of my murals to the list of donations that the Community Newspaper Group has given to Rifle. It is in good company with the elk bronze at the entrance to downtown, the “Over the Rainbow” statue at Centennial Park, the Mark Twain statue at the library, and the clock tower in front of the post office.

The other two murals have been funded by the Rifle Community Foundation and a private donor. In both cases, the project was reviewed and voted upon by an independent board of community members. Council approved the agreement between the property owner (where the murals will hang) and the city. As always, when an issue involves me in any way, I stepped down from the vote. Any artist or community member is welcome to present an idea for public art.

Jennifer Sanborn


The superbly equipped field hospital that the Israeli Army has established in Haiti is a humanitarian initiative of soul-inspiring proportions. A nation the size of New Jersey has crossed a wide geographical distance propelled by the determination to save lives and alleviate suffering in a Caribbean country confronting unprecedented catastrophe.

Israel is facing threats of annihilation from an enemy whose nuclear progress the world views with a chilling paralysis of will. Israel is being pushed and pressured to make concessions that have never been asked of any other sovereign nation. A diverse and vibrant bastion of democracy in a region of repressive regimes, the Jewish state is coping with wrenching internal debates while being maligned by jihad-generated global invectives, which have often spilled onto this page, as an aggressor and a racist nation.

Haiti knows otherwise as the tragedy-ridden island nation experiences firsthand the dedication and proficiency of Israel’s humanitarianism. The New York Times reported on Sunday how Guerlande Jean Michel, a Haitian primary school teacher, after giving birth to a son in the pediatric section of an extraordinary field hospital proudly announced, “His name is Israel.”

Judith King

Glenwood Springs

Subject: Crosswalk at Sixth and Grand in Glenwood Springs.

Thank you CDOT, now we have no crosswalk at Sixth Street and Grand Avenue. Something that is inconvenient. (Can’t get a hotdog from north side of Sixth).

Barney Higgins

Glenwood Springs

Editor’s Note: It may not be real convenient but the pedestrian plan was implemented a few years back with safety in mind. Pedestrians can make it to the other side of Sixth by traveling under the Grand Avenue bridge.

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