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As the Hidden Gems wilderness campaign gathers speed, maybe it’s time to slow down and ask some questions that have yet to be posed.

For example, after extensive public review and numerous tax-funded studies started in the 1990s, the Forest Service presented a plan in 2002 that proposes 80,000 acres in the new wilderness designation. Question: Why is the Forest Service plan being ignored, while the Hidden Gems proposal for 400,000 acres of wilderness gets all the attention in the press? The Hidden Gems proposal was not born of a formal, public process. It was created in private by a coalition of non-profit groups that are answerable not to the public, but only to their own members.

Here’s another question: Where are the Hidden Gems studies concerning water, grazing, hunting, recreation and related activities in the White River National Forest? I have been unable to find any of these studies.

There are many more questions yet to be answered but here’s one more. Which groups stand to gain in Hidden Gems wins? Many of the supporters on the Hidden Gems website stand to profit from restricting access to the White River National Forest.

So many questions, so few answers, so much at stake.

Ernie Gianinetti


Liberty as opposed to tyranny is slowly returning to our society. We’re taking our country back from the progressive, radical, leftist liberals who seek to demonize our way of life. They have been a threat to our freedom, our economy, to our health care, to our individual liberties (i.e.: government takeover of the auto industry, banks, etc.) with their liberal policies including TARP $700 billion, the federal stimulus package $1.2 trillion and the federal reserve rescue $6.4 trillion … tax, spend, redistribute … hey, we’re broke … got the picture !

We’ve had enough with more than 10+ percent unemployment, backroom deals, payoffs, and bribes. Maybe Obama should move the White House to Chicago where all these methods are considered normal. Whatever happened to Obama’s campaign slogans “Change we can believe in”, or “restoring a balanced government” or “our world will be safer” or “our families will be stronger” or ” our future will be brighter” or how about “transparency”?

They were all just plain and simple lies, all lies and so many people fell for Obama’s promises. Calls to our congressman went unanswered. They thought they knew what was best for us. What ever happened to representative government? Personally, I can’t stand to see Obama’s face or even hear his voice on the public media anymore. He’s way overexposed. The American people say “no more taxes, no more spending, and no more socialism. This is the United States of America, not Europe or any other country on the face of this earth. Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts all saw the un-American culture of corruption the Obama administration stands for and it’s just the beginning.

Let’s all look forward to Nov. 2, 2010 when we can vote out incumbents like appointed (by Gov. Ritter) Senator Michael Bennet. It’s time to clean house and get rid of these cronies.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

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