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It was about 7:30 p.m. on Jan 28, 2010, when you were heading west on county road 293. My daughter was outside with her dog when you came by at a speed way above the speed limit!

That’s not the point because that’s what everybody does on this road, the point is my daughter watched you run her dog over, and the humane thing to do would have been to stop, but you just continued on as my daughter stood there screaming fearing her dog was dead! Thank god the dog is still alive, but is hurt real bad. You need to know she did in fact get your license plate number. We are not the type to call the law, we just expect a little honesty like we try to teach our kids.

So with that said we would ask that you stop by the red house next to where you hit our dog or call this paper and get my phone number, so we can get this situation resolved. If not we have no other choice than to call the law and have them track you down, which of course will not be to hard with a plate number.

So I ask, please show some integrity and prove to my daughter there is some honesty left in this world. My biggest concern is what if that was my daughter you hit, and you didn’t even slow down. Maybe you had an emergency of your own? But that doesn’t explain why you didn’t stop to see what or who it was that you hit, remember it’s only right for you to be liable for your actions as you drive.

John Davidson


The Post Independent recently published an article regarding the high percentage of DUI arrestees being repeat offenders. The article outlined current punishments for those convicted of DUI in Colorado, such as the loss of driving privileges, or having their vehicle fixed with an interlock device. While these disciplines may have some impact, they apparently are not a solution to the problem of chronic drunk drivers on public roads.

In many states, automobiles may be seized for arrests related to the dealing of drugs, or prostitution. I have no idea why the same does not hold true for DUI arrests, seeing as how one actually needs a vehicle to commit the crime of driving while drunk. I suspect that is the case because DUI’s generate so much revenue for state and local governments, but that may just be my being a little pessimistic. Losing a license does not keep one from driving a car, and an interlock device does not keep one from driving someone else’s car, should he or she be legally impaired. If people knew the penalty for driving drunk, or under the influence of drugs, would mean forfeiting their vehicle to the state, I’d be willing to bet we’d see a lot less repeat offenders.

I am also quite certain that the number of first-time arrests for DUI would also decrease substantially.

I ask those of you concerned about this issue to contact your State Senators and Representatives, if you agree with this solution. The legislature will take this problem seriously if the citizens of this state demonstrate to its members that people do want the courts to impose sentences that can proactively impact the number of drunk drivers on the road. Jail does not work. Interlocking ignitions can only do so much. The usurping of vehicles for DUI is a punishment that fits the crime, and can directly impact the problem at hand.

Denver can authorize, via statute, a proper and effective solution to drunk drivers populating our roads. We must let our representatives know we have a solution, and we want it implemented as soon as possible.

Bryan Holloway

Glenwood Springs

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