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Theres been a lot of rhetoric lately surrounding the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commissions efforts to rewrite the rules that govern the energy industry in this state. As one of the more than 70,000 people who work in the gas fields and will be directly impacted by these new rules, Id like to set the record straight on one key point.Our governor and his staff repeatedly say they want to maintain a healthy oil and gas industry in our state. But they routinely insinuate that development of our states vast natural gas resources is currently occurring while we sacrifice the very things that make Colorado special.Frankly, thats insulting and simply not accurate.I love Colorado. My family has been here for more than 50 years. I care deeply about leaving behind a place where my children and my childrens children can enjoy all of the great things about this state I currently enjoy. And I am proud to work for an industry that shares those values and has invested millions of dollars in technology to minimize its footprint and enhance protection of our air, water and wildlife.Id respectfully suggest that our governor and his staff learn more about what thousands of people like me throughout state are doing to keep Colorado special, while developing the clean natural gas we all need, before they make such assumptions.Jack HaysPalisade

If the Glenwood Springs Post Independent has decided to endorse wrecking the Roaring Fork River corridor for the sake of pushing more traffic through Glenwood Springs, it should express that opinion openly and honestly on its editorial page, and not rely on one-sided news stories to showcase that view.Whatever the newspapers editorial position is or becomes on the important question of Highway 82 corridor planning, your news reporting should be objective and should include the variety of viewpoints and ideas that contribute to this debate.Each of your last three news articles on the corridor study has showcased, in one instance exclusively, a person who is convinced that building a new highway on the river is a good idea.While those people are entitled to their opinion, and indeed have been unwavering in it for a long time, they by no means represent the collective view of citizens living here.Building a highway along the primary natural and aesthetic feature of our community is nuts. That, too, is an opinion, but it and other views engaged in this discussion deserve equal attention in your news stories.Steve SmithGlenwood Springs

As a fiction writer, I know that its much easier to create a male hero a strong guy (the male archetype) with a touch of tenderness, than it is to create a female heroine a caring woman (the female archetype) with a touch of steel. In a mans world, any woman who makes it to the top (Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, Hillary Clinton) will have to be perceived as tough and strong. The tender feminine qualities that we hope will someday come to the fore will have to wait until women have power in some proportion to their numbers in the population. Then those little girls who embody the feminine qualities can grow up to be the leaders who might finally bring about world peace.Meanwhile, as a feminist, I strongly support Hillary Clinton for president.Ann MacLeodBasalt

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