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We are natives of Garfield County and have lived here more than 80 years and raised our children here and now grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Monk was a guide and outfitter for more than 50 years, even before they had all the rules of taking care of the forest lands, etc., and he knows much of the White River National Forest and has helped the Forest Service scout trails, given advice of which trails to close for the winter, etc.

Our question to all is have you ever taken your children camping and fishing for the first time and watched their faces as they enjoyed the country our heavenly father has put on our earth for all of us to enjoy and watched them catch their first fish? Have you ever seen an older person who can barely get down to the water to fish and the look of happiness on their face when they can enjoy God’s country even if their bodies can’t make it very far any more? Have you ever taken a snow kat to measure snow for the benefit of the country or taken a snow kat way up in the high country and pulled your skiing friends so they can enjoy cross country skiing in the untouched snow and loved it, or ridden a snowmobile with friends on New Year’s Eve to enjoy the quiet, the stars and moon, and good company and food.

Have you ridden horses to see new country and enjoy the quiet and scenery or taken Gov. Love or Rep. Peter Dominick camping so they can enjoy our beautiful Colorado? Or helped track the Ute Trail through brush, trees, etc., and learned to appreciate the Ute Indians who found this country and made trails for us to follow?

We do not understand why anyone would be so selfish to want to close our country just because they don’t want anyone else to enjoy it. Please, think of what you are doing to the future generations before you make the biggest mistake for our forest land.

We courage everyone to vote no on this so called wilderness Gem.

Monk and Betty Dawson

New Castle

Recently I read a fairytale reviewing the first year of the Obama administration. Since few facts were included, I thought I would give a nonfiction version of the first year of this administration.

Let’s start with the so-called stimulus. Obama told America that if the stimulus was not approved, the unemployment rate would climb higher than 9 percent, and if passed unemployment would peak at 8 percent. Those of us that live in the real world know that unemployment has climbed to 10 percent, more than 15 million Americans. Experts agree the actual number of unemployed and under-employed Americans is greater than 16 percent or more than 23 million people. The bottom line is the stimulus is a failure and was nothing more than election payoffs to the unions, Acorn and other special interest groups that supported Obama.

Second, the author tried to paint a rosy picture in regards to the bank bailouts. He stated people are able to refinance and with the extra cash have created jobs. This is laughable. The statistics show the only homeowners getting a mortgage refinancing right now are the ones in great financial shape, with good credit to match and they damn sure are not creating jobs. This leaves millions of homeowners struggling with limited or no options when looking for mortgage refinancing help.

As for health care, the author said, “At least Obama is trying to do something about it.” Correct, Obama and the Democrats want to shove government run health care down the throats of Americans although more than 58 percent are opposed to it. The plan includes exemptions for the lawmakers forcing it upon us; it’s loaded with additional payoffs to the unions, and includes coverage for illegals.

Obama is failing America, polls shows that 65 percent of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track and only 25 percent strongly approve of the way Obama is performing as president. The socialist agenda is not what Americans want. The proof? The Massachusetts senate race. The good news is the mid-term elections are 10 months away and voters will put an end to the far-left socialist aspirations of the Obama administration.

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

On Wednesday, Feb. 10, at 7 p.m. there will be a public hearing discussing new tennis courts in Carbondale. It is currently a sad situation that a town of 6,000 citizens has only two playable tennis courts. Even the high school teams must also share these courts. We have an unusual situation of cooperation between Re-1 with Bill Lamont and the town of Carbondale with Recreation Director Jeff Jackel supporting construction. Get all your tennis playing buddies to show up and support this program.

Bob Lucas


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