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Upon reading Michael Nash’s guest “sermon” in the Jan. 31 Post Independent, I almost expected the fire and brimstone he was braying about to ignite me in a spontaneous combustion of hellfire.

How fulfilling it must be to feel qualified to set moral standards not only for one-self, but for all of society! His tone of ethical superiority amidst religious babble turned my stomach.

Colorado is facing a $1.3 billion budget deficit. To save money, Mr. Nash finds it acceptable to cut aid for the sick, money for education, to release criminals from prison and close mental health facilities. But we can’t legalize and tax pot because he thinks it is evil.

People like Nash have made prisons one of our country’s biggest growth industries. Their inane drug laws are responsible for making drugs a profitable, black-market enterprise and hence, violent. You have helped put guns in the hands of gangs.

Abe Lincoln once said, “if you’re a fool, there’s no point in opening your mouth and removing all doubt.”

Bruno Kirchenwitz


I think most of our lives have been radically changed in the last year, and today I am reminded of the love and kindness still present in our beautiful valley.

Last week, after eight hours at work, an errand and home, I realized I had lost my checkbook. Need I mention my drivers license and cash is in it. I searched my car, retraced my steps – on pavement and in snow. I called the market and nothing.

After work the following day I drove to the DMV and these two girls really went the extra mile to help me and then, strangely, I found someone “else’s” license, which I turned in. After, an additional trip to the bank to close and open accounts, reorder checks, etc., followed by a daily prayer and worry.

Today, I received a call from Alpine Bank that “someone had turned in your checkbook”. Really, oh, ye of little faith, I want to thank this “anonymous, kind and honest” person who after finding my checkbook, then drove it to Alpine Bank in Basalt and returned it with my license and $40 in cash.

For toppers, Alpine Bank agreed to cancel new checks and waive an fees, wow. Thank you.

One person really can make a difference.

Thank you so much.

Teresa Allen

I don’t know why it is so difficult for people to understand that especially in these times we need health care for more people and playing politics isn’t in the best interest of the rest of us.

I am asking for your support to help all people in this great community to help make that happen for us. Thank you for considering this.

Vonna Anderson

Glenwood Springs

This past year, we’ve heard a lot from the tea partiers and the Party of No, formerly known as the GOP, about how bad the government is and how over-regulated and over-taxed we are. I think it’s high time someone examined these ideas, so let’s begin.

We are about three weeks out from the Haiti earthquake. Haiti was very poor and had a weak, unresponsive government even before the disaster. We don’t hear much about it anymore, but people are still struggling to find adequate shelter, food and clean water. That’s no government.

They also had tens of thousands of casualties, maybe over a million. Most of these people perished because the buildings were built on unstable ground, or if the family grew, they just added another story to the structure. These buildings collapsed because Haiti doesn’t have building regulations or inspections. That is no regulation. Get where I’m going here?

Let’s come closer to home for our third example. In the Sunday Denver Post of Jan. 31, 2010, there was an article about how Colorado Springs has no revenue, so they are resorting to extreme measures. They will not put trash cans in the parks and plan to mow only every two weeks. They cut police and fire crews. They are closing, permanently, recreation centers, pools, and a few museums. They are turning off one out of every three streetlights. When there are crimes, fires, and trash in the parks, people are going to be very angry and demand action. This, folks, is no taxes.

Think carefully about what you, your party or your ideology espouses or opposes. Do you really want no government, no taxes and no regulation? Or would you rather tell your leaders that we as Americans need to start working together to get these problems solved?

Gay Moore

Glenwood Springs

To Colorado State Senators, and the people of Colorado:

My name is Matt Hultquist. I am a 37-year local of the Roaring Fork Valley, born and raised. I wanted to express my opinion concerning the Hidden Gems Wilderness Campaign proposal.

I am a single father of two young daughters, and we spend a lot of time in the areas being proposed. It is my opinion that if there is going to be a bill passed considering new wilderness, the very first one should read something of this sort.

In consideration of new wilderness proposed:

1. Should have to be approved and backed by the Forest Service, to be acceptable as “wilderness designation.”

2. If and when approved and backed by the Forest Service as acceptable, shall then be sent to the Senate of Colorado, to be passed on to the people of Colorado in the form of a state-wide vote.

I say this because, I don’t believe it is fair to the people of this state to be pushed aside while private entities try to make designations and lobby the state in regards to the people of Colorado’s land. These are public lands and therefore any decisions regarding our land should be “our” choice.

I personally am highly against the large amount of land that Wilderness Workshop is asking for, and that is what has prompted me to write this letter.

Matt Hultquist

Glenwood Springs

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