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Even if you don’t believe in the global warming effect, would it really hurt for everyone to do their part to keep from polluting the earth. Little things like recycling your newspapers, office paper, cans, bottles and plastics would keep the landfills from filling up so fast; turning off your automobile’s engine when idling at the bank or waiting for someone to come out of the store (diesel trucks are especially bad because they’re loud and stinky); turning off lights in your home when you’re not in the room; using biodegradable hair products, laundry detergents, soaps, etc would keep our water cleaner; using organic foods would help keep chemical fertilizers out of the soil; use organic fertilizers on your lawn and garden.

There’s so many little things you can do just to be a more caring person. Thanks from Mother Earth.

Karen Skelly


It was so exciting to see the holiday activities in celebration of Presidents’ Day. Golly Gee! It almost rivaled those of the Easter Parade or Martin Luther King Day. What a turnout of citizens of all races to show appreciation for two of our Presidents who contributed so much to the development of our Republic and the freedoms we enjoy. Yes, I know some of the freedoms and prosperity are in jeopardy, but is that a reason not to honor these men?

Wonder why the media didn’t cover the parades, speeches and gatherings. I read and watched and didn’t see a parade, party, or gathering to hear political speeches. Did they happen, or is it a figment of my imagination? Hmmmm! I wonder where our wonderful country is headed!

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

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