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Total derangement syndrome has come to the entire electorate. There is no discourse in this country, there is only “You’re wrong! Whaaaa and you’re a liberal idiot!” or “You’re a conservative with out conscience and a moron!”

Now, I’m a liberal, I openly admit it, and it is based on life experience with the poor in Central America and my faith in Christ the Redeemer. I don’t ask you to share my principles or understand them. I have also decided to quit trying to understand those whose world view doesn’t align with mine, you can have yours. I am not going to judge you, argue with you or anything. However, as contradictory as it may seem, I will continue to listen to individuals who disagree with things I think as long as they can be civil and present their ideas with reason.

It is civility and reason that I feel is currently missing, and I am disappointed by this. I also, frankly, think that the great conservatives and liberals of the past, presidents Reagan, Johnson and Roosevelt, Sens. Goldwater and Bobby Kennedy would be disappointed because they, at least publicly, would not name call and bait their opponents.

If you are going to continue to try and argue for your point of view, to try and sway others to hear you and follow your ideas when they vote, or when they write and protest then why attack someone as being “naïve” or having “nebulous” ideas? Why would you call them ignorant or stupid or “out of touch”? The world, the United States have become too complex, with issues far beyond the economics and science known or cultural cohesiveness of 1980, 1968 or 1940 to continue to argue like 12-year-olds over the policies and ideas that worked at those times. If you want to effect change, really make the world, our nation a better place then do it. Volunteer, donate, teach and contribute. However I have a feeling most people would rather yell, whine or criticize then have debate and seek solutions.

James Blatter


In regards to Tom Tancredo’s speech, and the “outrage from the left” at his remarks, we should remember that the people who produced the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution expected an educated voter. It is a sad fact that in the last 20 years there has been a decrease in the amount of time spent teaching civics and these documents. Earlier this week there was a guest on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal talking about this very thing and featuring questions from their test, many of which callers could not answer.

Although we should stay away from the old poll tests that were used to prevent people of color from voting in the South, perhaps a basic civics test should be given since this is part of the citizenship test. If someone cannot name who the president is, one of their senators, their current U.S. representative, the three branches of government, and the name of the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution, you have to ask if this person is qualified to vote?

Sharon Brenner


I have a simple question for Mr. Craig S. Chisesi of Rifle in regard to “I’ve got an idea for Tea Party Tom.” What is the difference between crib notes on your hand and a TelePrompTer?

Joseph J Ceremuga

New Castle

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