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A belated thank you to CDOT, the contractors, and all involved with design and completion of the I-70 Exit 116, Glenwood Springs improvements. I hope the traveling public, residents, visitors, and nearby businesses share my thanks for a project well done. I truly appreciate CDOT’s responsiveness in cooperating with City of Glenwood Springs officials and residents by including “differentiated crosswalks” that improve pedestrian safety. And perhaps from public input, another lane was added to the westbound off-ramp. Both add-ons required additional planning and expenditures improving safety and convenience.

As a Federal Recovery and Reinvestment Act funded “shovel ready” project, we have benefited from this project today and for years to come. Another stimulus fund project underway is the long discussed and awaited improvement of pedestrian and bicyclist access near Two Rivers Park. These projects may not have happened without additional infusion of stimulus funds. I shake my head in wonder at the needs and costs of our transportation infrastructure including roadways and transit systems. In challenging economic times, there are positives and negatives in allowing, creating and funding public improvements. By providing improved safety, convenience, alternatives, and upgrades, such investments are necessary and worthwhile. For the benefits we gain, we all must bear a share of the burdens. With limited funds and funding mechanisms, taxes and fees paid collectively can allow us to “get more bang for the buck”. All are not wasted.

I hope CDOT will continue to plan and fund improvements in our area. I await the effectiveness of the major installation of wildlife fencing near Aspen Glen on SH-82. In my travels, I also see the need to “fill in the gaps” along I-70 between New Castle and Silt, and near Rifle. I have witnessed many instances of wildlife killed in this area. I anticipate the same efficiency and responsiveness CDOT demonstrated with the earlier Grand Avenue Paving Project and recent I-70 Exit 116 improvements, will be exemplified in the soon-to-begin next GAPP phase on SH-82 from Sayre Park to 23rd Street as well.

Again, thank you to all who have made “the pain well worth the gain”.

Greg Jeung

Glenwood Springs

A proposal they’ve given in disguise. We as Coloradans have every reason to know; exactly where our tax dollars are spent and go.

Who has the right to lock us out; of the lands where memories, fun, and families play about.

Anymore, everything is about extremes; all or nothing, why can’t we find a logical mean.

I have so many heart strings attached; that with being locked out of this land I feel vulnerable, attacked.

Sure I snowmobile, four-wheel, and ride my dirtbike; but I also like to take in the scenery, spend time with friends, go for a hike.

And every single time I use OHV; I respect the lands, and think twice of what it means to me.

I really hope that truth with lift the veil; of the real intentions of the gems, that the proposal will fail.

I can sit here and express my mind along with my heart; a least it is a sincere start.

But we should all know; that this is not the only way to go.

Not only is this going to hurt the current, play and environmental harmony; it truly is going to effect, that already hurting economy.

Do not let others sway what you think; stand strong, and know what’s right. Don’t like all the others, sink.

Kalee Fisher

New Castle

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