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It would be really nice if Sen. Udall would bother to listen to his messages on his toll free number and/or his Grand Junction number. I call frequently. His voice mail is always full in both places. I always have to e-mail him.

It would be really nice if our state department, and Clinton, showed an interest in its own people for a change and intervened to get the release of the last two missionaries in Haiti. It has been proven they had jumped through the hoops they knew they needed to jump through, and were not evil people trying to steal and sell children.

It would be nice if Obama would tell the truth for a change and be truly transparent. I can lay hands on my birth certificate in seconds, if asked in my home. It would be nice if he respected the rights of U.S. citizens to examine his birth certificate and assure themselves of his qualification to be president, instead of spending nearly $1 million to prevent discovery of what (a certificate of birth is not the same thing)?

It would be nice if our senators and representatives really listened to the folks and held off on the health care bill and especially the public option. Instead Bennet has co-signed a letter urging Reid to use the reconciliation process to get it through. Everyone agrees that health care reform is needed, but a vast number of us disagree that this cumbersome bill – especially the public option – is the way to achieve that.

It would be nice if folks understood that the stimulus bill has not worked – most of the money has never gone anywhere, but we owe on it nonetheless. Businesses can hardly get loans, few private citizens are. And banks are still making 100 percent loans.

Juanita Williams


RE: “Summit County immigrants continue to press for reform” (Thursday, Feb. 11)

I have very bad news for those brazen illegal aliens and their arrogant supporters cited in your glaringly one-sided story: There isn’t going to be another (eight) illegal-alien amnesty. Not now, not ever again. That’s because there are now way too many just like me who will use any means necessary to stop it-any means necessary.

There is just no way I and mine will ever allow our nation to turn into a third-world country of more than a half-billion people, into an over-crowded hell hole by 2050 (as projected by the U.S. Census Bureau) if another amnesty were to be passed.

And so it is.

Mike McGarry


I would like to state that Parachute is not against drilling. We’re for it. I’ve lived in Parachute for 83 years, and I’ve seen lots of booms and busts – without energy companies this area will not survive.

Drilling brings customers to do business in this town that generates revenue to support critical town operations.

I believe the majority of residents are all for drilling. Let’s get together and support drilling in our town and surrounding area and let the area energy producers know we are glad to have them.

Cecil Gardner


Joseph J. Ceremuga of New Castle wrote asking me “What is the difference between crib notes on your hand and a TelePrompTer?” As I looked at images of every president using the teleprompter, going back to the ’60s, I pondered his query. The difference is transparency. Sarah Palin can use cue cards, notes, teleprompters, whatever. Everyone will see your sources. Writing on your hand and surreptitiously peeking at it is, well, pretty lame. Don’t you think? I hope that answers your question.

Craig S. Chisesi


Why does the city of Glenwood never plow the center medians on Grand or the back streets?

CDOT responds immediately during and after snow storms. They are responsible for plowing through town and do a great job. The city is responsible for removal of the snow that collects in the medians on Grand and and all back streets.

It is extremely dangerous to maneuver through heavy accumulations. How many accidents must occur before something is done about this?

Does the city have only one plow? Is it broken?

Ronda Dennie

Glenwood Springs

Every time I turn on the news or open either a local or national newspaper, I am confronted with the same overwhelming feeling. It is amazing and powerfully moving to continually be blown away by the generosity of the citizens of this country.

However it can be confusing why so few want to help somebody in America. We pour our money, food, medical supplies and everything else on citizens of other countries and even other continents.

While I am overwhelmed at how generous we can be I am confounded by our lack of near-sightedness. Why do we constantly look past our own problems to rescue others? Has anyone noticed the crowd of homeless people in each of our mountain towns?

Next time you feel the urgent need to send money overseas through some fraudulent charity to help somebody you have never met that probably will never see the money anyway, maybe you should consider walking downtown and buying somebody you know a meal or two. There are hungry children right here in our own country. There are hurricanes and earthquakes right here in America. When we finish rebuilding Haiti, will we then begin rebuilding some of Katrina’s damage?

Somewhere lost in the definition of “selflessness” is the complete abandonment of common sense. Look around, folks, the rest of the world is laughing at us, not applauding us nor thanking us. Our once fearsome nation has become more of giant sleeper than a “sleeping giant.”

America: The Great Enabler

Sophakeng Kul

New Castle

My first letter to the editor was published June 18, 2008. Since then I’ve written more than 40 letters explaining the evils of the current Democratic administration.

And they are evil. Many people must have been paralyzed from the neck up when they voted for this fraud. They believed a bunch of lies. Put your partisanship aside and admit you made a mistake. Our president is a muslim, governs from the far left, is anti-capitalist, demonizing and punishing small businesses and the achievers of society. He is in the process of trying to steal your wealth and change our Constitution. I’ve endured myriad insults and even damage to my car. But let’s face it, I was right all along and you gullible progressives or liberals, call yourselves whatever you want , were wrong and that’s the end of the story … unless of course, you are still drinking the Kool-Aid.

Obama is very intellectual, has excellent political skills and is power hungry. He wants to control energy, education and health care. The latter will create massive rationing. Should he succeed, it will be not be a good time to be a senior citizen.

His advisers are far left, highly educated academics who have never even run a gas station. Get a clue. Why do you think there is such high unemployment? Did you ever work for a poor person? His inner circle is poised to spend trillions of dollars we don’t have resulting in hyperinflation estimated at 4.5 percent. You’ll feel the diminished buying power of your money this year for sure.

Don’t you get the feeling that Obama sees himself as using the presidency as a stepping stone to become the world ruler. He’s very good at chastising our allies and appeasing our enemies. The man is a narcissist. He’s very arrogant. Did you ever notice how he postures himself when he speaks? Pay attention to what he’s trying to accomplish, not what he says. Believe me when I say it’s not in your best interest. Take away Obama’s misguided power this fall and make your vote count to balance our government. Out with the old cronies that have created an atmosphere of tyranny and vote in those candidates that will best represent liberty.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

How is it that Sara Palin can succinctly and honestly answer about 15 questions in about 15 minutes and you receive real information?

And how is it that Obama can take 15 minutes to answer two questions and you receive either no information or a reversal of a previous answer?

However, in Obama’s case, liberals, aka, progressives, etc., are orgasmic in how beautiful and charismatic he is when he provides no information or misinformation. At the same time, many in the media are attacking and demeaning Palin and accusing her of being rebellious.

Maybe it is like George Orwell said, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes an act of rebellion.”

Americans understand.

Art Hougland

Glenwood Springs

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