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My first letter to the editor was in response to an infuriating letter that Mr. Rachesky wrote a while back. The reason why I have such a problem with you and so many others whom are in the same mind set as you is because you point fingers and use irrelevant and harsh name calling.

You describe Obama as a narcissist, or claim that he’s arrogant but you’ve never given a reason behind your claims. Your biggest flaw is not attempting to provide proof or reasoning behind your accusations. Why are Democrats evil? Why are the Republicans right and everyone else that has an opinion are arrogant kool-aid drinkers?

You’re stuck in a narrow, extreme mindset that leaves no open room for discussion or new ideas. How can you say he’s creating a world of tyranny? What acts have resembled a dictatorship in your opinion? Bush was the President that claimed that this government would be a lot easier if it was a dictatorship.

I’m not a Republican and sometimes I don’t feel as if I’m a true Democrat and I don’t want to be designated to any party entirely. Every party has flaws and representatives that aren’t perfect. Even George Washington talked about the evils of political parties in his farewell address.

He feared that their would be a bitter partisanship in politics and hoped individuals could move beyond their emotional allegiance and biased opinions and just attempt to serve the common good, but I believe what he feared would happen has actually become factual. We seem to be fighting over who is right and wrong rather than debating and resolving the issues at hand. I’d like to take a moment to give actual facts that were on Wikipedia.

Obama is an African-American Democrat born in the U.S., his agenda is to revive the economy; provide affordable health care, strengthen social security, create energy independence, and to end the war in Iraq responsibly. He’s not an “old crony.” He’s new, imaginative, and desires change to occur to help Americans.

Mariane Maynard

Glenwood Springs

As a young lag growing up in New York City, I grew up with radio. There were the sports broadcasters; I grew up with Mel Allen, Red Barber, Marty Glickman telling me about the Yankees and NY Football Giants. As I grew older it was the sound of DJ’s Cousin Brucie (Bruce Morrow) and Murray the K (the 5th Beatle.) Still a bit older it was the radio serials of the 30’s (The Shadow, Green Lantern and Cato, etc.)

As the 50’s and 60’s turned into the late 60’s and early 70’s it was the music and news of WBAI and the political tumult of the late 60’s and early 70’s. WBAI was listener sponsored radio. I did not agree with everything I heard but it provided a forum for many different political views.

When I moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 1990, I was excited to learn that we also had listener sponsored radio. We have KDNK. I do not always agree with the viewpoints expressed on American Democracy or the other shows. Some of the music shows I enjoy and some are not my cup of tea. But the First amendment, which is the cornerstone of a democratic state, provides for a discourse among many different viewpoints. KDNK provides a forum for those many different viewpoints.

During these days when more and more local media outlets are closing or being bought out by national media chains it is more important then ever to have a listener supported local media outlet like KDNK. I may not always like the political views expressed or all the music they play, but it is imperative that we protect our First Amendment rights and KDNK is a local, tangible way to do that. Every dollar you donate provides for an open exchange of ideas, music and viewpoints. This is the first amendment in action. Your donation to KDNK is a vote for the first amendment and listener sponsored radio.

KDNK we may not always agree with what you say but we will defend to our death your right to say it.

Marty Silverstein


Hal Sundin’s “Day of Infamy” column blasting the Supreme Court’s application of our constitution in allowing corporations and other organization to influence national election, and his more recent column “Is there no Shame”, where he believes what Republicans do is shameful because he does not agree with them prompts some of my responses herein.

Corporations inform shareholders of the problems that will be voted on in annual meetings and solicit votes in advance of meetings so that shareholders who cannot attend the meetings can vote and their votes will be counted even though it is contrary to official recommendations. Other organizations such as labor unions, the Sierra Club and the National Rifle Association have equivalent democratic procedures. States of the USA are major examples of such organizations.

Public labor unions such as teachers and all workers for cities, counties, states and the federal government should be illegal thus guarding against socialism which is a major step towards communist dictators. Radical environmentalists such as the Sierra Club are a threat to America sovereignty and freedom.

The 9-11 attacks on the USA created unprecedented problems that eventually were properly solved by the George Bush administration, but the Obama administration and its congress who are, as usual, catering to radical environmentalists who are handicapping basic production, and spending money we don’t own – thereby making America vulnerable to the shims of China, and maybe eventually Japan.

Lech Walesa, the former strong president of Poland recently observed reality: The world has no leadership. The U.S. was the last resort and hope for all nations. Today we have lost that hope. America no longer leads morally or politically anymore. Sundin’s “Infamy” and “Shame” thoughts expose some of the reasons for Americas decline. One of his glaring omissions was of President Clinton’s morally shameful conduct in and related to the Oval Office of the White House.

To again lead the world America needs political leadership of the Ronald Reagan type whether by a lady or gentleman.


Dooley P. Wheeler, Jr.


Are we old people, simply “out of touch” with today’s “cart before the horse” governments, operating at every level?

President Obama concludes “we must spend our way out of this recession” and then proposes a federal budget of $3.8 trillion which requires “borrowing” one-third of what is spent.

Colorado has glaring examples as well. After passing the “medical pot law” in November of 2000, now our congressional wizards are scrambling to pass legislation incorporating regulations that should have been considered prior to passage.

Our state’s food stamp and Medicare programs continue to suffer from inadequacies of a “pricey” computer disaster-CBMS-installed in 2004. Although the system has failed miserably, our legislature still agreed to a 2007 legal settlement requiring an “impossible” processing all applications within 45 days.

Inevitably, inefficiencies of government strike close to home. Being “of age” and having occupied my primary residence for 10 consecutive years, I “earned” a Seniors Property Tax Exemption effective this year – documented by approval from the Garfield County Assessor.

Assuming the tax bill, just received, a mistake, I phoned the Assessors Office to learn to my dismay that somewhere in the required paperwork’s fine print, there’s a provision overriding the exemption. “Approved” exemptions apply only when the state has enough money to allow them. Unbelievable!!

To the contrary – it’s totally believable when you consider the massive waste, inept misuse, and outright fraudulent use of our tax dollars every day, at every level of government.

Origin of the phrase “cart before the horse” dates back to the Greek expression “histeron proteron” appearing in works by Cicero in the 106 BC-43 BC era.

Wouldn’t you think by now that government leaders would have discovered that this concept simply doesn’t work?

Richard Doran


Why is it that humans feel they have some divine right to do whatever they want to this planet, for profit or comfort? They drill holes in it, to suck out all the gas and oil they can, dig out any ore they can find that will make them money. Humans are the only animals on the planet that destroy their own habitat, and most other animal’s habitat, in the process of existing. They always want more, take … take … take, gimme … gimme … gimme. Never satisfied with what they have and very seldom thinking about conserving before natural resources are depleted.

As far as Wilderness goes, we all have the right to enjoy being out there, you just can’t be out there polluting and tearing up the planet. Just because the air doesn’t turn instantly black with gagging smoke from your motorized vehicle, doesn’t mean it isn’t polluting the air, especially for generations to come. If you can’t enjoy yourself without sitting on a combustion engine, then the beautiful pristine Wilderness is not for you. Us environmentalists thrive on that pristine untouched beauty of nature, the quiet and fresh air. Just turn off your engines and try taking and nice healthy quiet walk in the Wilderness, you may just like it.

John Korrie

Glenwood Springs

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