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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

Words are powerful. Words can create an environment of love or of hate; words can be used to express kindness or violence. In today’s (Feb. 24) Post Independent there were words of threatened violence. I quote “That’s because there are many like me who will use any means necessary to stop it – any means”. The Post should not have published this letter. Free speech is not hate speech and that is what was expressed by those words; the violence implied was obvious.

Those words were neither thought provoking nor reasonable. They were inflammatory. Many of us are struggling right now but don’t let your anger cloud your judgment. Don’t become so fearful that you justify “any means necessary” as reasonable action.

We do live in perilous times. It is hard not to succumb to fear. Fear will not solve anything. My hope is that we (as a society, a culture and a world) come through these times learning some lessons; that we place more value on living a more reasonable and sustainable life; a life of quality not quantity. I hope that we rise to the teachings that all great religions have espoused; teachings of love and compassion.

Don’t confuse my hope for a brighter future for all as weakness. I will oppose your hatred and your violence. I will hope for you, pray for you, and work with you so that you and your family will have a better and brighter future. I will not give in to anger or fear. I will not stand silent and watch violence and threats of violence happen, to any.

We can work towards a better future; we must do it together; standing shoulder to shoulder willing to sacrifice and to help with the betterment of all people. We can rise up together as human beings and survive or we can watch our own demise. Its our choice.

Rick Davis

Glenwood Springs

James Blatter of Rifle wonders why one would “attack” someone as having nebulous ideas.

The sad fact is … “the facts exceed our curiosity” while all the froth and emotion are endlessly fascinating.

When I request the facts to support statements, such as those saying our President doesn’t adhere to constitutional values … Our Harvard educated president, himself a lawyer … I would like examples, with which to debate.

Many letter writers definitely have, as stated in their letters anyway, “nebulous” ideas.

Per Geoffrey Nunberg, “What these [arguments] all had in common was that they obviated the need to consider policies and issues in all their complex details by reducing them to emotionally charged words.”

Most of the tea party rhetoric is high on emotion and low on solution producing facts. Another example would be using the emotion producing words “attack” and “nebulous” instead of, say, commenting on the “suggestion” that some have ideas “unsupported by fact or example.”

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

Stan Rachesky: Your message is a good one, but your approach is way off.

Bo Balcomb

New Castle

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