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Wednesday, Feb. 17, and Friday, Feb. 19 – two articles, front page, about the Energy Advisory Board of Garfield County. Seems to me this is important local news. I hope the EAB is not disbanded and that Judy Jordan will remain in her position as Garfield County’s oil and gas liaison, especially since she has “considerable expertise on the technical ins and outs of the industry.”

In this age of climate change, some board and person is mandatory if citizens’ fears and concerns are to be addressed. The impact on land, water, climate, wildlife, biodiversity and people is adversely affected by the harvesting of fossil fuels such as oil and gas.

Are the companies involved prepared to capture the carbon that is released from the harvesting of these fuels? Are the companies prepared to follow to the letter EPA regulations for harvesting? Are the companies involved prepared to consider and take action for the protection of the above-mentioned “environment” for the next seven generations?

The companies are trying to undermine and denigrate Judy Jordan. Perhaps the companies are afraid of Judy Jordan and her expertise.

Stephanie Janiga


Catholic Charities wants public support and tax breaks to build affordable housing in Glenwood Springs. Before committing scarce tax dollars to this project, there is an important question to be asked.

Who will be eligible to rent these units? Will we be providing housing for U.S. citizens, or will Catholic Charities be creating cheap accommodations for illegal aliens?

Unless they guarantee to rent only to legal U.S. citizens, they have no right to ask for public support. Catholic Charities is well known for subverting federal funds to help criminals and citizens on an equal opportunity basis.

We don’t need another barrio for job-stealing criminals in our valley. If the Catholic bishops want to increase their congregations, let them build their housing in Mexico, where they belong.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


Mr. Chisesi, in those images did you see the teleprompter? So how do you know what their sources were? President Clinton had a teleprompter quiet and he never missed a beat – what was his source? Mr. Chisesi, it’s not a teleprompter, notes on your hand or on paper that are important, it is what is said that is important.

Your original letter was great. I agreed with every thing you said until I came to the paragraph about crib notes. You turned a great letter into petty partisan drivel. That paragraph didn’t have any bearing on the the point you were making. Next time before you hit send have someone edit your letter. I have made the same mistake.

Joseph Ceremuga

New Castle

I arrived at KDNK’s studio as, I perceived, an outsider; one young man fresh off a D.U.I., come to fill his community service hours at the local radio station. My hours of “working” in the station quickly evaporated. In the course of 24 hours rewarding labor, I felt such fellowship with the individuals whom had gracefully shared their space with me. But not only their work-space, their home-away-from-home, their passion for radio, their love of music, and themselves … with a stranger from the collective outside who came to sort vinyl. Now I’m a DJ, a longtime dream of mine, part of that community from which I once felt distance. But this is the beauty of what happens in this small building; common interests, attitudes, and goals may define a community, but the core of it is people helping people, an ever present spirit of goodwill and compassion. I know our listeners out there can hear it through the airwaves, and I just had to testify that I experienced it firsthand, and it has changed my life. Thank you Cindy, thank you Luke, thank you Steve, thank you Kat, thank you Lynette, thank you Wick, thank you Stacy, thank you Conrad … in the order that I met you!

Ian Heinig


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