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The White House has released the latest version of its health care reform bill. Still lacking in this iteration is any effective means of curtailing our ever-escalating health care costs, while insurance company monopolies remain unaddressed. Women’s rights are unprotected, and generic drug availability is delayed for another decade – yes, decade! Sadly, the public option is also missing.

Now even greater penalties are proposed for those who do not have health insurance. What happened to our freedom to choose? A forced mandate to buy private insurance without the choice of a public option is not a fair approach.

The Obama administration promised to take special interests out of Washington, or at least to make a dent. What I see is the same old song and dance – with power-bloated corporations calling the tune.


Caroline Metzler

New Castle

I’m writing to the dishonest adult who smashed into my mother’s Trailblazer!

On Feb. 25 in the local Sears parking lot this spineless, scared, and hopefully legal person ran into or backed into the drivers side door and front end of her brand new vehicle!

Thanks to you, she can’t open the door and this 55-year-old woman has to climb over and get out the passenger side! How dare you! Thank God she is responsible enough to have insurance, and hopefully it will cover all of it!

I pray you are nervous about the police report that was made. Your footprints and the paint you left behind have been photographed, and hopefully someone that knows you will come forward, because obviously you’re not going to!

So if anyone has information on the hit and run in the Sears parking lot please call the police or the Sears business! 1-970-625-8779. Keep in mind Karma is real.

Melissa Olson

Battlement Mesa

I have noticed the increased number of marijuana dispensaries in our county. Why is it that this is supposed to be a medical treatment product that is not controlled by a licensed pharmacist. That’s why they are required to have a license, so the proper amount and the right drug is dispensed.

The Colorado House and Senate is having such a hard time figuring out how to regulate this, why don’t they just use the system we already have. Only a licensed pharmacist should be allowed to dispense a narcotic. The common man without the proper training knows nothing about the drug interactions and other important procedures in dispensing narcotics. This action would also insure we the public that only the ones with the prescriptions would be getting the stuff.

We would not have to institute a bunch of new rules and laws to govern them. A pharmacist and a licensed pharmacy should dispense this narcotic, not Joe-Blow from down the street.


Michael W. Maxfield


This letter is about one of our finest, not in blue this time, but in brown: a UPS delivery man.

On Jan. 29 of this year, I was experiencing all the symptoms of a heart attack and had called my lifeline to send an ambulance. As I was talking to them there was a knock on my door and I asked them to come in.

It was Rick Hoffmeister delivering a package by UPS. I told him I was having severe chest pains and had called the paramedics. He was very concerned and asked me if I would like him to stay with me until the paramedics got here, and he did.

This young man has my deepest gratitude and deserves some recognition for going beyond his job to help an elderly person in need.

Glenwood Springs has always been noted for its caring spirit, and Rick is a shining example of that.

Catherine Barger

Glenwood Springs

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