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To our community:

As a trustee for the town of Silt I personally would ask our citizens and town employees for forgiveness for not being able to deal properly with some of the issues that reflect poorly on our community, town government, citizens, residents and town employees. The efforts of our past and present staff have led the town of Silt to progress in a tremendously large leap out of the past into the future. Without the help, work and advice of many people who made sacrifices beyond any call of duty (including those who live outside of the town limits), the town of Silt would not have made such progress in the past few years. The Board of Trustees has tried to fulfill its obligations and make the proper decisions through the many difficult issues that have recently faced the town.

Sometimes the emotions associated with the rules, regulations, visions, goals and expectations are beyond our control and ability to handle properly.

I am sorry for any actions, behaviors or lack of discipline that might have reflected poorly on those we represent. I love our town and take pride in our history and the community we serve. Thank you for your support.

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Trustee Bobby J. Hays


Selling marijuana in Glenwood is now synonymous with cheesy storefronts and recycled sales tactics. Peaceful Warrior? How about “Forgetful Warrior” or maybe “Coma to Go.” Ripping off a slice of cultural distinctiveness from Native Americans and then grafting it onto a disputed product to legitimize it is not marketing. Talk to the guy who put his hot dog business next to your storefront. That’s marketing. By the way, did someone get high and eat the decor on all of these ‘Green’ storefronts? It is not possible to imagine or hallucinate into temporal existence an attractive storefront no matter how much of your product you consume. You need paint and stuff like that.

What gives with the red cross on the window of that Grand Ave dispensary? As if they were selling something more dignified than a stroke in a Ziploc. Why not use a hammock as your logo or maybe a Doritos bag. We even have a chiropractor in the valley (a really good one at that) who decided to offer his neck adjustments and lumbar rolls with a side order of hallucinations. You adjust my back and I’ll take responsibility for my attitude. That’s how it works.

Does someone actually believe that hijacking the best of some unrelated, legitimate venue to sell marijuana increases sales? This phony link with the green movement is laughable. I’m not a pulmonologist but I’ll bet the lungs of a heavy pot smoker probably aren’t green. Patients don’t need convincing, they need relief. If they’re in pain they’re already convinced. You don’t see Bristol Myers Squibb putting Vicodin in Pez dispensers to boost sales. Leave the distribution end to the fully credentialed thieves in the pharmaceutical industry.

The evolution of this new business concern in Glenwood traded subtlety for a quick buck and repackaged it as altruism. What a load. It’s time that the members of this new cottage industry either got a new act or owned up to the original doper legacy of Cheech and Chong, 3-foot bongs and foot longs. You’re not shamans and healers, you’re licensed drug dealers.

Bruce Munroe

Glenwood Springs

Red Hill, outside of Carbondale, was filled with many hikers yesterday. Both dogs and people tried to avoid the mud and ice as they went on their morning walk. The one thing that these parties could not avoid, however, was the mountains of dog poop that had not been picked up. This year has been the worst year I have seen. Dog owners should be ashamed.

I spent most of Sunday, hiking Red Hill, with gloves, trowel, and large back pack, picking up most visible poop. I completed the road from the parking lot, Three Poles, Mushroom, Bluebell trails and 1,000 yards of the Three Gulch Trail. I hauled out a 6,000 cubic inch backpack. That is just astounding. I thought if I could clean up the trails, then trail users could have clean trails and a clean start.

I’m not writing this to pat myself on the back. I do not belong to a user group, volunteer group or council. I just heard from other trail users how bad it was up there and headed up to do a clean up of the trails. This story in fact would never been told, if it were not for the fact that while walking back to the parking lot I was stunned to find 10 new poops on the road. I was floored and frustrated. People have to start changing their minds about their responsibilities.

I fear that it’s in the works to ban dogs from Red Hill, and we dog owners are giving them all the ammunition they need. So I propose we make a pact, “If you are not going to pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of it properly, then do not use this trail.” That’s right, stay away. Don’t ruin it for us and the other users of this area. I know Carbondale is better than this. We just need to get back into action. Be responsible for your dogs, you owe it to the rest of the trail users and this fragile environment.

Edward Walker


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