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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

This is in response to the letter from New Castle.

I hope we vote out everyone in Congress when the election rolls around. Unfortunately, one of those that have been paid by the banking lobbyists is Senator Michael Bennet. He wants to be re-elected. Don’t vote for someone that has already been paid off. Not sure if he has taken money from other lobbyists, but I do know that he has taken money from the banking industry. One of Obama’s promises was to get rid of the lobbyists in Washington. He has not done that. Sad part about the entire process is that there could be a million of them in Washington and they would be wasting their time and money if we had a Congress that refused to take their bribes and refused to vote for anything other than what was good for the American citizens. Vote the bums out. All of them.

Jane Spaulding


In the distant and recent past much misery has been brought to Americans, individuals and families, by acts of war and by fundamentalist Islamic terrorists.

However, as indicated by current positioning by this administration, it is unlikely that any event in United States history will be as damaging to the security, economic stability, freedom and liberty of generations of Americans as the election of Obama as the President of the United States!

Americans understand!

Art Hougland

Glenwood Springs

The Hidden Gems wilderness plan is a once in a lifetime opportunity to preserve environmentally sensitive parts of the National Forests that surround us. The areas proposed for protection by Hidden Gems generally consist of intact lower elevation habitats within the White River National Forest. Development or over-use of these areas, many of which are located right here in the Frying Pan, Crystal and Roaring Fork river drainages, would have a major impact on wildlife, soils and vegetation.

Among other protections, the Hidden Gems Wilderness plan will protect our most treasured landscapes and vital water resources from the relentless assault on our public lands by extractive industries like oil/gas exploration and the ever increasing appetite of the motorized recreation industry. Demand for access is essentially infinite but these lands are finite. At some point, we have to say “enough” if we want to preserve the very reason we visit these lands.

Some expressing opposition may not be aware that those drafting the Hidden Gems plan have worked diligently, through an extensive outreach program, to reshape the proposal’s boundaries in order to accommodate the needs and wishes of the many stake holders and user groups. Significant acreage has been pared out of the original 400,000+ acre wilderness proposal to meet user and agricultural needs.

The soon-to-be-released White River Travel Management Plan shows that many roads and mountain bike routes are proposed for closure by the Forest Service. Hidden Gems in fact has a small impact on trails and roads. Only a scant few miles of roads would be closed if the Hidden Gems proposal is adopted.

Most of us have seen first-hand, the increased pressure on our public lands resulting from overuse, development and the growth of the oil and gas industry. The sensitive back-country areas that will be protected by Hidden Gems cannot continue to handle impacts from these threats.

We as a society have an obligation to pass our public lands onto future generations, untarnished by the actions of our generation. This may be a tall order, but Hidden Gems is a big step in accomplishing this goal.

Chuck Downey


Political Party Caucus Day will be held on Tuesday, March 16 at 7 p.m., at the Coal Ridge High School in New Castle. Precincts 13 -18 will be held at this location.

This is open to the public and your participation is encouraged.

Precinct Caucus is the beginning of the political process for selecting candidates and policy position for the 2010 election.

My call is to voters who are residents of Precinct 14, which includes the boundaries of the older portion of the Town of New Castle, Burning Mountain Subdivision, but not Castle Valley or anything past the Main Street of New Castle.

Please come and be a part of this important process. You are important and I encourage you to become active in selecting the representatives for political office to be determined at this very important meeting. You must attend this Caucus meeting if you want to attend a County or State Assembly.

See you there.

Marian L. Clayton

Precinct 14 Chairman

New Castle

I was completely furious when I read a recent letter that was written by Bo Balcomb, who is yet another example of insufficient citizens that make me cringe when I hear any ideas or beliefs that are spoken from their mouths. Were you high when you wrote your letter?

I believe Kool-Aid Drinker refers to a young ideological adult rather than those passive marijuana users that abuse the term “medical marijuana”. It’s proven that marijuana affects the learning and memory processes, and causes forgetfulness and reduces concentration. Marijuana intoxication can cause distorted perceptions like you telling someone to get high to understand how great Obama is.

Yes, I agree with you that he is a promising President that more than likely will help us receive health insurance and improve the economy, however, people need to be informed by reading books or watching CNN, not by getting high! Society is getting out of control allowing these medical marijuana facilities to be opening every five feet! There needs to be more laws and management over these dispensaries. Marijuana dispensaries should have to get licensed through the Department of Revenue just like liquor stores and the individuals distributing the drug should be more educated and concerned about the welfare of their clients. Everything is getting completely out of hand, LA just had 600 dispensaries open within the past ten months! I don’t trust that these facilities are properly giving out pot responsibly and I don’t believe that anyone is able to keep up with them and regulate the individuals that are opening these stores. Who are these people anyways?

We need organizations that can overlook the industry. We need regulations on how many are opened in our communities.

I don’t want to see a medical marijuana dispensaries every block like it’s a fast food chain. I also want to urge people to be constructive and read books to educate themselves rather than smoking pot!

Mariane Maynard

Glenwood Springs

In your article (“Curry: Rafting bill at risk in state Senate”), Colorado Rep. Kathleen Curry notes that there are 17 lobbyists advocating against House Bill 1188 – her proposal to erode property rights to benefit the commercial rafting industry. The article doesn’t ask the obvious question, however, why there might be so much opposition to her bill (or even bother to quote any opponents of the proposal at all).

In fact, there is a growing coalition of least 35 organizations opposing HB 1188, including two dozen member organizations of the Colorado Ag Council plus Club 20, the Colorado Water Congress, and the River Habitat Preservation Coalition, among many others.

Why the outpouring of opposition to HB 1188? Because HB 1188 is a fundamental attack on private property rights that, if passed, would “take” landowners’ ability to restrict access to their private property. As a landowner, I am more than happy to work with rafters who float through my property. However I resent the state giving away my right to do so via statute.

I’m convinced that as more Coloradans understand the consequences of HB 1188, the coalition of opponents will only grow.

Merry Ryden

New Castle

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