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So I’m reading the back and forth about the medicinal benefits, and the legalities of marijuana in the paper the last couple of months. Are you freakin’ kidding me! We are the most intelligent beings on this planet? No. Humanity, as a whole, is a culture of scared and insecure beings. We have no idea who created us, or what our purpose on this planet is. We use drugs, alcohol, food, money, material things, organized religion, and on and on to get a reprieve from that which we cannot explain. We are incapable of resolving conflict without war. We can create weapons capable of destroying our planet, yet we are incapable solving problems like world hunger, unbelievable! The things that humanity does to itself are unconscionable. We go about our business blind to the real reality. We have but a millisecond of cosmic time on this planet. Will we ever get it? So stop trying to convince people that being stoned relieves head aches or not. That’s the least of our problems. FYI, ads like “free gram Friday” bring no legitimacy to your cause.James DeyarmondGlenwood Springs

I would like to share my endorsement of candidate Mark Rinehart for Silt’s board of trustees. I have known Mark for about five years when we owned our bakery in Glenwood, he used to stop in almost every day to support our local shop. He has been a great friend displaying a kind and caring attitude towards life in general. I think he would be a great addition to the town of Silt – his calm intellectual approach to everything is greatly needed in our town government.Casey ChristiansonSilt

Rio Blanco was recently denied $9 million of impact funds for improvements to County Road 5, the Piceance Creek road that is the only all-weather public road providing access to two major natural gas refineries and the dozens of gas wells in the Piceance Basin. The last time this road had any major improvement was about 30 years ago when it was resurfaced using impact funds during oil shale development. It remains today a narrow, crooked, dangerous road used by large trucks, heavy equipment, and workers commuting to Rifle, Meeker, and Rangely. No other county road has suffered the impact of energy development as much as County Road 5.Here is the irony:CDOT recently awarded an $8.8 million contract for building four roundabouts in the Edwards area paid for from “stimulus” (our) money. Two of these roundabouts are at county road connections, two at the Edwards interchange with I-70. All the roundabouts will accomplish will make it slightly more convenient to clear intersections. Public safety is not an issue. The truly dangerous intersection of County Road 5 and State Highway 13 at Rio Blanco is ignored.How can priorities be so screwed up? Back when highways in Colorado were the responsibility of the State Highway Department, highway commissioners would hold public meetings around the state where delegates from cities, counties and organizations like Club 20 would plead for projects in their area. Then District Engineers would recommend projects supporting, in some cases those requests, but keeping the big picture of district-wide needs in mind. Then came along the Department of Transportation and more political correct thinking. Locals were to be given a stronger voice in selection of improvements.When I questioned the reason for funding roundabouts at Edwards last year, I was told that locals in Eagle had put this project as their number one priority and, therefore, deserved the funding. CDOT is locked into a “process” that ignores actual needs. Until that system is changed, we can expect more misuse of our money. The Colorado Department of Transportation needs to restore authority for choosing projects to Regional Directors and Denver staff with consideration of local requests, but keeping in mind the “big picture” of regional needs.Dick Prosence, retired district engineerMeeker

This quarter in our Basalt High School government class, we are working on Project Citizen, and our topic focuses on child obesity in Colorado. Although Colorado has one of the lowest percentages of overweight children in America, the number is rising quickly every year, and in many schools, the lunch and breakfast programs aren’t doing much to help. Also, physical education classes and health classes are weak in many schools when it comes to participation.There are many policies that are established everyday with effort to reduce child obesity, and although policies are moving slow due to the economy, a large amount of effort is already being made. The alternative policy that stood out to us the most was Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move: America’s Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids. “Let’s Move” will combat the growing epidemic of child obesity by building up a chain of very effective strategies. This policy will create a sector where tools are provided to show parents and children how to eat healthier and be more active. Our policy that we propose will be an effective way to help stop the problem. The two aspects of our policy will include this: Two full years of physical education class will be mandatory to graduate, unless a student plays on a varsity sports team for two years or more. The second aspect will be that it should be an incentive for lunch programs to purchase locally produced and fresh products containing the lowest amount of calories possible. The incentive with be provided by the state government such as the governor, and a certificate of recognition will be given to school lunch programs that buy a significant amount of local products each year. We hope that over time our policy will gain many supporters, and communities will start to take notice of how effective this policy can be, and how big of a difference a small change can make. If you are interested in supporting this cause, please e-mail: Thank you,Brittany, Jamie, and Maggie Basalt

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Obviously you are going to continue to spin this, but the fact remains that Garfield County residents are wanting information on Hidden Gems and they can’t seem to get it. After claiming so many years preparing their proposal, I’d think Wilderness Workshop would have a decent set of maps on their website the folks could read and understand and a presentation they would be proud to give. Not so much. Why are they so afraid of Garfield County anyway? Maybe that’s the story the Post Independent should consider covering?Nancy WilliamsGlenwood Springs

Addressed to the kind people of Kum & Go in Silt and to the kind gentleman that works for Solar Gas.On Friday March 5, two kind people helped me rescue my brand new phone from a drainage hole at the Kum & Go in Silt. I didn’t have a chance to tell them how grateful I was for their act of kindness and I also didn’t ask for their names. I have never talked to either of these people in my life and they were willing to help a stranger. I’m happy to live in a community that is so helpful and unafraid to help a follow community member. Thank You so much for your kindness.The 17-year-old girl who lost her phone,Christina WeaverNew Castle

My New Year’s resolution to refrain from political involvement didn’t last very long, since I submitted a letter to the editor published in early January which naturally received sharp rebuttal from an Obama “hope and change zealot.”So, I compromised my resolution to allow political dialog, but vowing to avoid political campaign participation. Well, that came to an end Feb. 22, when I met Bob McConnell who is running for Congress in our 3rd Congressional District.As a volunteer in Bob’s campaign, I hedge by claiming I’m not really involved in politics, because this man’s not a “politician” – how refreshing – a candidate running for office that’s not a typical political “stooge” or “beltline celebrity.”No, McConnell, like most of us ordinary citizens, doesn’t have name recognition in Colorado, but he will before the 2010 election, because he’s “extra” ordinary. This man is a rarity amidst politicians because he’s a leader!! Do a roll call among congressional “so called” leaders in Washington. How many demonstrate true leadership rather than a self serving, compromising, patronizing style that promotes their own best interests?Ask Bob why he’s come out from obscurity to run for office and he’ll simply tell you that he’s MAD about what is happening to our country and he’s running FOR US as the candidate “Of the People, By the People, and For the People.” As a retired Airborne Ranger Colonel, he has led men into battle. As an accomplished outdoorsman, he has led expeditions up Mount Everest and Kilimanjaro.Visit Bob’s web site,, and you will find that he’s not only well versed, but forthright in his perspective on important issues.Here’s the man to replace John Salazar and provide leadership in Congress with a voice that truly represents the will of the people!God Bless America!Richard DoranParachute

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