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Also addressed to Glenwood Springs City CouncilThis letter comments on the fact that apparently the city council has seen fit to replace Floyd Diemoz on the Transportation Commission with Ralph Trapani. Presumably, the city council is unaware that Mr. Trapani has at least two conflicts of interest that would disqualify him from rendering any advice to the city or serving on the Transportation Commission, where the subject matter involves a relocation of Highway 82 around Glenwood Springs.Almost all of the serious proposals for relocation involve Midland Avenue, the railroad or the river corridor. Mr. Trapani resides in a house that would be significantly affected by any of these three options. If one views his history (consistently indicating that Glenwood does not have a traffic problem), it is obvious that he is only trying to protect his own turf at the expense of all Glenwood residents.Finally, Mr. Trapani also serves as a consultant to the city of Aspen for the entrance to Aspen and RFTA. Since their project directly competes with Glenwoods relocation for CDOT funding, which master would Mr. Trapani serve? The one who pays him or the one in which he serves as a volunteer?It is a shame that after thirty years of consistent hard work, Floyd Diemoz was replaced (he may think it is a relief). It is clear, however, that Mr. Trapani is an unwise choice. We suggest strongly that the City should relieve Mr. Trapani of this position and ask someone without a conflict to serve; either Mr. Diemoz or others.Scott BalcombGlenwood Springs

Someone please tell me who is in charge of enforcing Colorado Department of Transportation rules and regulations? In the last week-and-a-half, Ive had four broken windshields in four different company trucks! Now I know that with the winter season this is fairly common, but anyone living in our valley can verify the drilling industry must be exempt from any and all of the rules and regulations. What rules, one might ask, how about the one about tracking dirt, mud and rocks onto the roadway? The sad part of this is our cities and counties governing agencies are also turning a blind eye to mud and rocks that are being tracked onto our roadways. Drive I-70 from Glenwood to Grand Junction, or Highway 6 from Silt to Parachute and there are plenty of others, too. These roads are all a mess, and are only getting worse. The drive from Silt to Grand Junction on I-70 was, well embarrassing. What would an out-of-state driver think? Are our governing agencies actually turning a blind eye or being bought off? If it is turning a blind eye, they wont mind looking out my windshields. If its about the money, give me some to replace all of my windshields!Cal Whitman, A-1 Traffic Control & Barricade Inc.Silt

Way to go, Parachute, for the tremendous homecoming you gave our state champion wrestling team and their coaches.When they came home from state, it was breathtaking to watch (as I did from my front porch), to see our State Patrol and town police escort our boys into town. With sirens blasting, our fire department shot a spray of water over the motorcade as it slowly moved along Cardinal Way to meet up with Tobys vacuum trucks for a big blast of honks as they passed them. It brought tears to my eyes to see and think how special they greeted our boys, and how special it was to our community to show them how much we care.God speed, boys.Alena DouglasGrand Valley native

On March 4, I was using one of the public computers at the Rifle Branch Library and left my Zip/Flash disc on the side of the monitor. Unfortunately, this mistake apparently cost me, because when I went back to the library the next day, no one had turned in the drive.If you are the person who happened to take the drive from the computer, I am asking you to contact me at, or just bring the drive back to the library. I will gladly buy you a flash drive in exchange. There were several files on the drive that would mean nothing to you, but do mean a lot to me.James BlatterNew Castle

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