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My husband and I were driving on I-70 the other day and were disgusted by the amount of trash all over I-70 medians. To those of you who use I-70 and throw trash out your windows, you are truly disrespectful, what gives you the right to use I-70 and our county roads as a dump? I know everyone reading this has seen the disgust firsthand. My husband and I have come up with an idea that hopefully we will get a lot of support for. We have set a date, April 3, at 10 a.m. (we will be meeting at Kum & Go in Silt) to gather and pick up this trash. I will be contacting CDOT and getting trash bags and such. If everyone reading this spends one hour of your time for one day it would make such a big difference to the scenery we have to look at every day. We are all living in this beautiful place and people are fighting over the Roan and the Hidden Gems, but, it seems nobody seems to care about what we drive by every day. Our family will be picking up trash in the Silt area on I-70 and county roads; I am pleading my case – there is only around 10 of us and we cannot do this all by ourselves, so I am asking/begging all of you to pitch in and help. If you want to come to where we are you would be more than welcome or you can pick your own area of I-70 and commit April 3 to help do this. This may not be a lot of fun, but it will be so rewarding to be able to enjoy our area in its natural beauty. To those of you who throw trash out your windows, it is not only illegal it is disrespectful, there are trash cans in every town and gas station, try using them instead of the roads we all have to look at. Weather pending, may switch dates if raining.Shawn & Chamaigne WadeRifle

The Crystal River Caucus voted decisively last Thursday to endorse the Sutey/Two Shoes proposed land exchange. The caucus members found the proposal very compatible with the Core Values of the 2003 Crystal River Masterplan. The Crystal Masterplan contains but is not limited to the following: preservation of the natural environment and protection of the valley’s rural character; maintenance of agriculture as a valley treasure; and future development should not occur at the expense of wildlife. The Crystal Trail should be developed within the existing highway right-of-way.The presentation and lengthy discussion, in the presence of Division of Wildlife and Pitkin County officials, should send a strong message to all regarding what is most important to Crystal Valley residents. George Newman, speaking on behalf of Pitkin County, attempted to stall a caucus endorsement vote until the county could come up with another counterproposal to the one recently withdrawn by them. The withdrawn counterproposal was clearly an effort by Pitkin County Open Space and Trails to acquire land of their own by the exchange. The acquired land they were pursuing, approximately 376 acres, would have joined to another parcel acquired through exchanges made in 2007-08. This parcel is located in the Crystal Valley at Potato Bill Creek and would have provided a new recreation corridor into the proposed BLM swap.The protections provided by the proposed exchange for preserving wildlife habitat for elk and bighorn sheep were clearly superior to management by Open Space and Trails, which would insert large numbers of people into pristine lands by way of the Crystal Valley. Land stewardship is best achieved by the proponents as shown by the endorsements of the Aspen Valley Land Trust, the DOW, town of Carbondale and many others. The Crystal Caucus should be indebted to those jurisdictions.William HanksRedstone

I have been hearing and reading a lot of information on how schools nationwide are needing to cut their budget by either laying off staff members, have staff members take furlough days, cut out after-school classes, cutting summer school, and even go to a four-day school week. One of my first questions is where do my taxes go that I pay each year? Second question is by doing these cuts aren’t we just setting up our children who are our future leaders of our world to fail? I know things are hard these days, but not any worse than when I, my parents, and grandparents were our children’s ages. As a nation we need to work together. By cutting our children’s education we are only setting our nation up to fail, but it will just cause a domino effect. It will be years if not centuries to recover from what we decide to do today. I am asking the school board and our government to look at other ways to fix the budget other than taking more away from our children. Teachers have one of the hardest jobs out there and they are the most underpaid. Our teachers are making our future leaders, nurses, police officers, McDonald’s workers, gas attendants, etc., of our nation. Without teachers our nation would collapse.As a parent we already cover so many expenses that when I was in school my parents did not have to, like pencils, notebooks, crayons, sports, summer school, and even graduation. This year like every other year my property taxes have gone up even though my house value has gone down, and why? There is something wrong with this picture and our future. Who has the answers?Alane LarisonRifle

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