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In November of 2008 over 50 percent of the voters had their good judgment leak out when they cast their vote for Obama. This was the demonstrable apex of four decades of infestation of the United States by liberals and progressives.

Thankfully many that voted for Obama are rethinking the wisdom of this, that is good, they are not lost. However, many are still clinging to Obama’s ‘Hope and Change’ in spite of his miserable performance. Accomplishments – zero, failures – legion! Obama, his administration and his supporting politicians are making clear their ideology. The same ideology as Pelosi, Reid and others on the far left.

Pelosi, who most evidently expresses this shared ideology, would be pitiable if she were not in such an undeserved position of influence. She seems unable to construct an intelligible train of thought, except of course to those that have a similarly tortuous ideology.

Fortunately, we may be witnessing the decline from the aforementioned apex of infestation but the damage to the United States may be continued by them until stopped through the election process! Lets see what unfolds with this despicable lot regarding the HC Bill. Will they support what most Americans are telling them that they want? Or, will they continue in trying to make the United States a watered down soup resembling the UK, France, Germany, Italy and others that the United States has, in order to advance peace in the world, either rescued or defeated in the past.

Americans do understand!

Art Hougland

Glenwood Springs

In regard to the flap over rafters and irate landowners:

Fathom minus five the bottom lies

Where rafter rests in riparian shade

To catch his breath and close his eyes.

Nothing of this that’s been made

But does suffer a sea change

Into something foul and strange

When riverfront estates, their owners rich

Do whine and rant and loudly bitch

“Tis a violation both vile and rude

Of my fundamental right to exclude”

With thanks to Shakespeare’s Full Fathom Five Thy Father Lies

Jose Alcantara


I have been reading the articles concerning the Ordinance in Silt with regards to removing the Board of Trustees form the responsibility of appointing the Statutory positions and giving that responsibility to the Town Administrator. I would say that Mr. McWillams is correct in his request to have the action reviewed by the courts. Given the fact that Silt is a Statutory Municipality as defined by Colorado law, it is the responsibility of the Board to appoint the Clerk, Judge, Treasurer , and Chief of Police. Notice there is no call to appoint a town Administrator and the board does so because of need not law. Short of a home rule petition the board is not empowered to change that, period. I think the Town would best be served by requesting a competent legal opinion. The laws are there to protect the minority, not to serve the majority.


John Steele

Former Mayor Town of Silt

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