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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

We are indebted to Mr. Bob Anderson for his relentless efforts to keep us informed, inflamed and afraid.

In his March 15 letter, Mr. Anderson informs us of President Obama’s efforts to end fishing rights as we know them. While President Obama has created a task force to look into the decimation of fish stocks – the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force – Bob’s assertion of our losing our rights came from an editorial on ESPNOutdoors.

From ESPN: “ inadvertently contributed to a flare-up when we posted the latest article in a series of stories on President Barack Obama’s newly created Ocean Policy Task Force, a column written by Robert Montgomery, a conservation writer for BASS since 1985. Regrettably, we made several errors in the editing and presentation of this installment. Though our series has included numerous news stories on the topic, this was not one of them – it was an opinion piece, and should have been clearly labeled as commentary.” In other words, it’s not fact, it’s opinion.

The fact that swordfish, salmon, sailfish and numerous other species, fresh and salt water, worldwide are disappearing at alarming rates should be Mr. Anderson’s concern. Not whether Obama created a task force to investigate the problem.

Regarding being inflamed, Mr. Anderson gives us the story about Muslims being exempt from TSA full body scans, “Since TSA has decided to use full body scanners to eliminate underwear bombers on airplanes, the Islamic lobbying groups are protesting that it violates their religious fundamentals to be seen nekkid. So TSA is considering an exception for muslims. Think about that one for a while.”

I did. TSA stressed that the body scanners are “optional to all passengers.” Those who turn them down, “will receive equivalent screening that may include a physical pat-down, hand-wanding and other technologies. Physical pat-downs are performed by Transportation Security officers of the same sex as the passenger in a private screening area, if the passenger requests.”

Nice try though! Had me scared. I know many people that have privacy concerns about full-body scans. Only a few are terrorists.

Craig S. Chisesi


Regarding Mr. Colson’s article on the “rally to defend Silt town staff.”

Since when did four people constitute a rally? Come on over to my house, I’ll give you a story.

I was at that meeting, along with several other concerned citizens, and we all were surprised by the defense of the current administration, by all of two residents. For a proper perspective why don’t you get the “citizen complaints” ledger from Town Hall and check the responses?

Or better yet, take a weekend and walk around the town and ask some of the citizens how they feel about how the town is run.

Two years ago I appeared before the trustees as a citizen of 15 years with many concerns about how the town was wasting resources. Two years ago as an employee I was asked to investigate a potable water loss issue, and while having the results censored by town staff I spoke to the mayor about my findings. I was hauled into Ms. Suerth’s office for violating her unspoken standing order of “the trustees get the information she wants them to get.” If I wanted to keep my job I needed to keep my mouth shut. Granted this happened two years ago and there could have been a miraculous change in the way things are run now, but for the fact that during my brief run for trustee when I tried to talk with several town employees, they informed me that they had been forbidden to talk or give an opinion to anyone. Forbidden, there’s a word that goes with “transparency in government.”

Now, Mr. Colson, before you label me as a disgruntled ex-employee, know this. I’d work for the town again in a heartbeat. The water and wastewater plants that former administrator Rick Aluise secured and built were a great place to work. I actually miss working with most of the town staff. The wasteful spending of the last couple years is the main target of the group known as SOS. There needs to be a drastic change, and they’re going to get it done.

Kelly Thornton


Please Support House Bill 1188; here is why.

It has always been the case in Colorado history that you can own property but not a river that flows through it. The river systems represent a resource that is different from a piece of land that one can call “personal property.” Just imagine if a person could use his property rights to shut down an entire river system!

Most of us understand that you can own property next to the river, under the river and on both sides. You can also ask that no one sets foot on your property, that is your right. It is another matter entirely for a person to claim that they own the river itself, and that no one else can even so much as float on it.

A local business man recently told me that every tourist dollar that comes to town bounces seven times around our local economy. Just imagine if a single person could shut down a river – for example the Roaring Fork – to all forms of recreation. The loss of revenue alone from rafting, kayaking and fishing would be staggering. And yet there are some selfish people who would attempt to do just that if the law is not clarified by the passage of House Bill 1188.

It is very important that all of us who use our rivers and respect private property speak out on this issue and contact your elected officials with your concerns.

Thanks for listening,

Joe Mollica

Glenwood Springs River Commission

I have not written before. I agree with many things here, and disagree with many. To me that means a healthy community. But I just have to speak about the local gas drilling. I love heating my home with nat gas. I would love to cook on it if I could. But I have to pay three different agencies for the privilege of living in this “covenant protected community” as the sign says when you drive into Battlement Mesa. I can’t leave my trash can out overnight without being fined, but we are not supposed to care that one drilling site is in the golf course and the worst one is right next to an elementary school. That is what I just don’t get. With all the spaces available and they all complain about the low prices, the lack of pipelines, yet it is absolutely necessary for Antero to drill right next to St John Elementary School? Really? I just don’t get it. Could someone please explain it to me?

Teri Melton

Battlement Mesa

Is this the America that our founding fathers envisioned when they raised arms and openly defied a government that had been so burdensome that the people could no longer survive under its authority? People taxed to the point of poverty, pressed down under the thumb of government to the breaking point. People were torn by fear, not knowing if they would survive if they rebelled against this king.

Men defined as rebels and insurrectionists boldly drew a line in the sand and demanded a decision be made by those who lived under these conditions. Fight or continue to submit to the government, that was the question. When I read the newspapers, listen to commentators and talk to Americans it seems we have allowed Washington to become our England.

Washington has grown so hefty that it has assumed the role of king and no longer serves the people. This role reversal is the sole responsibility of Americans. Gradually over 200-plus years we became comfortable and lethargic. We survived wars, depressions, natural disasters and attacks by terrorists and we gave credit to the government. Trust gradually grew into indolence and government seeing the state of the people transformed itself into what we have today. It is time to draw a new line in the sand.

On one side stand Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservatives. They stand defiantly with the Constitution in their hands demanding Washington to abide by it. Washington stands insolently across looking down on the rebels. Fear is absent. Only disgust for the lack of appreciation for all that they have done for this ungrateful mob fills their minds. What can they possibly do to us? Suddenly fear replaces insolence as the rebels begin to place ballots into a small box. As the ballots are counted Washington shrinks and the rebels’ ranks grow.

Americans, pull together this November. The only weapon of mass destruction belongs to us. Vote every incumbent out of office regardless of political party. If Washington turns a deaf ear, vote the rest out next time.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

Unfortunately tragedies happen, the ones that you hope never do and maybe think won’t happen to you. But they can! My friend Kimberlee and her family know firsthand. On Friday, March 5, her house caught fire and she and her 2 boys were left homeless. Luckily the fire happened when they were not home, and the animals were saved. She is very thankful her family is safe.

To add to this stress, Kim is 8 months pregnant. She is looking for a rental in the area to move into as soon as she can. She had paid her mortgage before the fire happened and needs help trying to get a place to live. Some of you know how devastating it is to lose not just your home but irreplaceable things like pictures. To start over is just unimaginable. This really broke my heart and even if you don’t know this family I hope you can put yourself in her shoes and imagine what you would do. For your own peace of mind, please check the coverage of your insurance and see what is actually covered – home, contents, replacement and displacement costs. At this point the insurance will probably only cover the payoff of the house. Donations to help can be sent to Kimberlee Steggall at American National Bank, 429 Railroad Ave., Rifle, CO 81650. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Cards can be sent to her at PO Box 1333, Gypsum, CO 81637.

Thank you,

Hope Marsh


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