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“Andrew Romanoff is the only candidate in this race willing to fix [the] system by turning down the cash that corrupts it.” To my knowledge he is the only candidate in the country doing this.Our one year incumbent, Michael Bennet, is not a mustache-twirling bad guy. It’s hard to find fault, as Ed Quillen said, with “anything Bennet has done or said in office.” That still does not make him the best candidate. And, I would say, until he was challenged by Romanoff, he didn’t say or do much. Bennet was a relative unknown handed to us by Bill Ritter. Ritter’s staff has since conceded that Andrew Romanoff was the overwhelming favorite of the public, whose opinion Ritter solicited when Ken Salazar became the Interior head and we had an open senate seat that was to be filled by the governor. What undercurrents of money and influence gave Bennet the appointment, we will never know, but you don’t have to be a “wonk” to wonder what happened.At the recent Democratic precinct caucuses, Andrew Romanoff – without corporate donations or TV ads – won 49 percent of the vote of the Democratic party faithful statewide, with Bennet receiving 42 percent ( The idea is not radical and there is support for getting money out of politics.I can’t help but feel some support for Bennet comes from the fact Obama has campaigned for him. I am also a loyal and passionate Obama supporter, but know Romanoff to be no threat to Obama or his agenda. Doubting one’s loyalty to the president because of their support of a different person campaigning for a lesser office, reminds me of the charges of disloyalty to the country leveled at people against the war; primaries are patriotic, as peace is patriotic.Some others have come to accept money in politics as a practical matter and are grateful we are finally on the receiving end … the old ‘end justifies the means’.Mothers have been known to advise their daughters,” It’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor man”. The trouble is this Senatorial appointment was an arranged marriage, with no thought to the wishes or best interests of the constituent – bride. I support Andrew Romanoff as the “best Senator money can’t buy”, and the man we wanted all along.Barb CoddingtonGlenwood Springs

March 21, 2010, a date which will live in infamy, the people of the United States of America were suddenly and deliberately attacked by the Congress of the United States, their own duly elected representatives.It shall be noted that the attack was deliberately planned many days, weeks and even months ago. During that time the Congress sought to deceive the people they represent by false statements and expressions of hope and change.The attack has caused severe damage to the American Republic and her citizens. The facts of that day and today speak for themselves. The people of the United States had formed their opinions and understood the implications to the very life and liberty for which they stand. But their concerns were ignored by their duly elected representatives. Let it be known that the people will take whatever measures are available to defend the Republic and will never forget the character of the onslaught against us.No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated attack, the American people, in their righteous might, will win through to absolute victory.We will support the Constitution and we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost, but will make it certain that this form of treachery shall never again endanger us and our nation. There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our Constitution and our very way of life are in grave danger.With confidence in that very Constitution, with the unbounding determination of the people, we will gain the inevitable triumph, so help us God.Bob AndersonGlenwood Springs

The 2030 Garfield County Comprehensive Plan update process is happening and if you do not make your voice heard then the decisions will be made by others. This update of the current 2000 plan is the people’s plan, which means citizens from Parachute to Carbondale can shape growth patterns in the county for many years to come. Do you envision the County continuing to grow with few limits on sprawl with expensive public service requirements, or do you envision more compact growth in Garfield County towns already set up for these services? Land use regulations sometimes lose out in the green press to more tangible sustainability tools such as solar panels, wind turbines and fuel efficient cars. However, making existing systems and plans more efficient might be the easiest way to spend very little in the short term for longer term solutions. Comments gathered at community meetings from Parachute to Carbondale have revealed that a majority of residents and decision makers are voting in favor for efficient growth in and around existing towns. Please come to the next meeting in your area from 6-8 p.m. on these dates: Monday, April 5 at the Rifle Health and Human Services Building AND the New Castle Community Center; Tuesday, April 6 at the Glenwood Springs Community Center and the Silt Burning Mountain Fire Protection District Building; Wednesday, April 7 at the Carbondale Recreation Center and the Parachute/Battlement Mesa Activity Center. For more information please access Word of mouth is the best advertising.Jason WhiteCarbondale

The voters of Silt – yes, we have financial woes. The financial downturn has hit us all, we are all hurting and there is no easy fix – we need sensible solution. Although there are some out there that would like to make it sound like there is an easy solution/fix. They say we can cut out jobs that are “not essential” and that will save tens of thousands of dollars, that money can be used for other projects (i.e.) sidewalks, a skate park and town beautification. The problem with that kind of thinking is, that there is only a savings if you don’t have to pay for contract employees to fill that void that they will create. In the current political race in Silt there is a group that would like you to think that they will save the town big dollars, what they don’t tell you is those dollars, or part of them, will need to be set aside to pay for contract employees. Yes, there will be a savings, but in most cases contract employees charge more for their services. This same group – I will call the gang of five – speaks to the need for commercial business which we all know that any town or city needs for growth. How to get there is the issue. In reading their political flyer they raise some good points, but for the most part I see a smoke and mirrors campaign, one that does not tell the people and voters of Silt the whole story. If we allow the gang of five free reign to control the Board of Trustees and the Town of Silt there will be no open discussion – only yes men votes and we cannot afford that kind of politics in Silt. The board is no place for personal agendas or ambitions. Silt needs sensible solutions and board members that will get us there and that’s not the gang of five.Ron MorganPast member the Board of Trustees Current chairman of Silt P& Z and member of the V.A.L.E Board for the Town of Silt.

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