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Heidi Rice’s weekly column has been and is a welcome change to all the somber news we receive every day. When the supposed leaders, moral, spiritual, political, etc., of our country are in the news for some of the most heinous acts, the political cartoonists show these “leaders” for what they are.

We are so fortunate to have a home town humorist that can put a spin on events, be they current events, vacations, holidays, or in this case, mandatory classes, and can so eloquently put it to print for us to enjoy. The last thing I gleaned from Heidi’s column was that she “trivialized” medical marijuana. Making people like me laugh at a serious subject does not mean that she trivialized the subject. Actually it sounded to me like she may have gotten more out of that seminar than was expected. I would bet if they had given a test at the end she would have aced it.

I can appreciate the fact that Mr. Wennogle was apparently confused with another attorney, but honestly I don’t see why either should have been offended. As with many people, I have heard enough attorney jokes that were offensive, that I for one can tell the difference between offensive and humorous. Heidi’s column is humorous, I have never known it to be offensive.

As usual, I anxiously await Friday’s paper and her column.

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Tom Collins


Bruce Munroe sounds like another self-righteous purist who knows what’s good for not just himself, but also for everyone else.

Many pill poppers prefer a morphine base for their pain relief or recreational use, but that doesn’t make them a better person. Has Bruce ever even tried the wacky weed he damns?

I think Bruce should get off his high horse, pun and double entendre intended, unless he’s ridden it.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


I have always considered myself an independent – I have voted both Republican and Democratic over the years. I voted for Obama and will again when he is up for re-election. After all of the hateful words and actions by Republicans after the health care bill passed, I will never again vote Republican. I would not want to be associated with a group that acts so repulsive.

I cannot find anything wrong with the health care bill – all Americans should have health insurance, anyone with a pre-existing condition should be able to get insurance, if you get sick you’re insurance company should not be allowed to cancel your policy. What could possibly be wrong with these issues. People who don’t have insurance do cause problems for those who do have insurance – they go to emergency rooms for small problems that could be handled by a doctor or clinic for a lot less money and they raise our insurance rates because someone has to pay for their care.

Should we go back to the days when car insurance wasn’t required? Is that socialist? Is Medicare/Medicaid socialist? Is Social Security socialist? It’s all government provided. I hope the Republicans don’t sabotage this bill out of sheer egotism and the need to have this bill passed only when a Republican is in office. They wouldn’t even support an amendment that they proposed simply because it was put forth in a Democratic senate. Grow up.

We need to work together to make things better in America.

Karen Skelly


I would like to announce a wonderful new opportunity for intellectual engagement in our community! As part of the Roaring Fork Leadership class of 2010, my team is organizing a local chapter of the worldwide organization, Cafe Scientifique (Cafe Sci, for short), in the Roaring Fork Valley. We will be holding free monthly Cafe Sci’s where gatherers can discuss a variety of scientific topics in a relaxed atmosphere. At these Cafe Sci’s, a scientific expert will give a brief overview of a topic and then a casual discussion where attendees can ask questions and share ideas will follow. Our RFL team recognized an opportunity to create a comfortable forum for community discussions about science, where participants can enjoy a stimulating conversation, along with some dinner or a drink.

The first Roaring Fork Cafe Sci will be held at the Malibu restaurant in El Jebel at 6 p.m. John Katzenberger, Co-founder and Executive Director of the Aspen Global Change Institute, will be leading a discussion on Tinkering with Earth: the Power and Peril of Geoengineering. Geoengineering is the intentional large-scale modification of Earth systems, most notably the climate system, to achieve a goal such as preserving Arctic sea ice, or slowing the rate of sea-level rise.

Cafe Sci will be held the first Wednesday of every month with a different topic and presenter. The event is free and open to the public. If participants would like to dine at the restaurant, we suggest you come early to eat before the presentation and dialogue begins. For additional information please go to or call Lynn Carlisle at (970) 310-6328. I hope you’ll come take advantage of this unique and enjoyable community event!


Michelle Belgar

Roaring Fork Leadership Class 2010

In November of 2008 over 50 percent of the voters had their good judgment leak out when they cast their vote for Obama. This was the demonstrable apex of four decades of infestation of the United States by liberals and progressives.

Thankfully many that voted for Obama are rethinking the wisdom of this, that is good, they are not lost. However, many are still clinging to Obama’s ‘Hope and Change’ in spite of his miserable performance. Accomplishments – zero, failures – legion! Obama, his administration and his supporting politicians are making clear their ideology. The same ideology as Pelosi, Reid and others on the far left.

Pelosi, who most evidently expresses this shared ideology, would be pitiable if she were not in such an undeserved position of influence. She seems unable to construct an intelligible train of thought, except of course to those that have a similarly tortuous ideology.

Fortunately, we may be witnessing the decline from the aforementioned apex of infestation but the damage to the United States may be continued by them until stopped through the election process! Let’s see what unfolds with this despicable lot regarding the H.C. Bill. Will they support what most Americans are telling them that they want? Or, will they continue in trying to make the United States a watered down soup resembling the UK, France, Germany, Italy and others that the United States has, in order to advance peace in the world, either rescued or defeated in the past.

Americans do understand!

Art Hougland

Glenwood Springs

It’s obvious that most of the opinions printed in your paper are not based on facts, but on what Limbaugh and other right wing nuts are saying. Most of the time, Stan and his friends aren’t worth replying to.

They would better off writing to “The Republic” or calling Rush on his radio show, and emailing Fox News.

Thank you,

Jack Land

Glenwood Springs

I believe it was in late January or early in February, I got a letter in the mail that informed me I would receive from the Government a census form and it was mandatory that I accurately fill it out. Later I received such a form.

Instructions were that Federal law required me to be truthful and disclose all the facts requested. The form was short and didn’t ask anything a good census taker couldn’t find out from my neighbors. One of the questions inquired about the number of people at my home on April 1, 2010. Nothing untoward about that.

On March 15, I received a post card reminding me to send in the completed form, if I had not already done so. I would ask the President and his census people how I am supposed to be completely accurate about the number of people in my house on April 1, 2010 until that date arrives? I have relatives and guests that I welcome in my home and some might be here on April 1. I’ll wait and fill out the form then so I don’t risk the heavy hand of the Administration.

These are the government officials in control of terrorism prevention, military forces and now your health. Doesn’t that make you feel grateful and relieved of all cares?

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

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